Friday, October 29, 2010

Gluten Free at Halloween doesn't have to be scary!

Sometimes labels are deceiving. Sometimes they are vague. Who am I kidding- More often than not they are vague & deceiving! "Flavor" could make an item gluten free- or not. And at Halloween, when there's a million different kinds of candies in teeny little wrappers, with teeny little writing (or none at all) and they're everywhere you turn- what is one to do?

Thankfully Gluten-free Recipe has saved the day with this list of gluten free candy that will save your Halloween snacking habits from doing you real damage (other than the lack of clothes that fit you next week!)

While the first section of the list gives us a confirmed inventory of what a Celiac can have, the second part can be difficult to interpret. These are items that the manufacturer has not confirmed to be gluten free. It may be an obvious case such as KitKat, or a not-so-obvious case such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Personally I have never reacted to Reese's cups & have them all the time- it's my favorite flavor of blizzard at DQ! Reese's Pieces however are not Gluten free). These are the kind of items where you need to exercise discretion. It could be a matter of "there's wheat in the air that may have come in contact with..." or "made on the same equipment as wheat containing items" or it could simply contain malt barley & just not be gluten free.

Equip yourselves with the knowledge & have a wonderfully spooky Halloween weekend!


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