Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Hello You!

And welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! Come on in, sit right down- would you like a tea perhaps? Or maybe a pumpkin scone? Ooh, that sounds good doesn't it?

Why yes- it IS a gluten free pumpkin scone. Of COURSE it is! That's all the baking you'll find in my kitchen- gluten free... And oh yes... it's tasty. I couldn't imagine giving you a pumpkin scone that wasn't amazing. Because that's what I do here. Gluten free. And so so very good!

Feel free to take a look around & chat it up with me if you are so inclined! As always, it's a work in progress around here, but I'm happy to have you. Whether it be a recipe you're looking for, a way to get more fiber into your diet that is no longer supplemented with bran muffins since becoming Celiac, or even if you're looking for a way to jazz up your workout, I'll do my best for YOU!

I'm sure I'll be seeing you again soon- drop by anytime.


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