Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner: Curry!

What happens when we cook together....

I'll admit... the last two weeks have been a little on the lazy side. And yet, at the same time hectic & stressful to absolutely no end. But we came home from our Christmas 'tour' on Tuesday. And the tally on the trip odometer was (drumroll please).... 3247.9 kms. Sigh. Needless to say, I'm glad we're home. And even more thankful that I had a day of nothing in between arriving home and going back to work. Today however, was that day that we all dread. Back to work. Back to real life. Back to reality.

Until yesterday, there was nothing in the fridge aside from condiments and two soggy tomatoes that were left behind last week. Oh, and a smidge of almond milk at the bottom of the carton. It takes months for that stuff to go bad anyways... Yesterday, we went grocery shopping. And although we ate cookies, chocolates and deviled eggs on the couch for dinner last night (one needs to emerge from the cloudiness of Christmas with ease you know), tonight we made real food.

Tonight we had curry. Curries rather. Butter Chicken & Paneer Palak-sans Paneer that is. Generally the texture of the cheese is far too tofu-ish for my liking. Plus, we're going dairy-free in the new year. And that's only one more day of meals away. But we'll cheat once a month, because "someone" isn't terribly keen on returning full force to his sans-dairy childhood. I suppose when you grow up on lasagna without cheese you develop a requirement for all lasagna to have cheese from there on in. And really, I can't blame him...

Dinner tonight was missing a little something though. Other than the saffron in the rice.... (p.s. our rice is purple as we use a blend of jasmine brown rice with red thai rice). Next time I'll be having naan with my curry. And if I'm feeling a little more motivated that day, you'll be in luck & maybe you'll be having gluten free naan too!

Happy New Year dear readers. There shall be motivation, experimentation, new foods and love in my kitchen in 2011, and I hope for the same in yours as well.

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