Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few Things I Think You Should Probably Have In Your Kitchen

(This is just the basics. And just MY opinion...)

One of my boxing day weaknesses are kitchen gadgets. Things that I may find crazy on sale, but really don't have room for once I get home. I have a pretty small kitchen believe it or not! So, for the most part things with only one use don't live in my kitchen. There are a few exceptions however...

There's of course a million different one-purpose items that you can have in your kitchen like a garlic press, a can opener, a meat thermometer, a citrus reamer and cookie cutters (I could go on and on!). All of which I own, but only some of which I actually use. So in order to save you some valued kitchen space, here's what made the list!

-Mixing Bowls: glass is good (I've found tons of beauties at antique markets-for cheap too!)
-Measuring Cups (these kind and these kind)
-Measuring Spoons ( I like these and these!)
-Spatulas (get a sturdy yet flexible one and one like this- because it's pretty cool!)
-Wooden Spoons (toss anything from the pre-celiac days)
-Stainless Steel cookie sheets (forget about that non-stick junk -have you heard how bad that s**t is!?!?)
-Rolling Pin (I know, I know... enough with the no-wood-it-holds-old-gluten, right?)

-Cast Iron pan (I'll never go back)
-GOOD pots, maybe like these!
-GOOD knives (if you can afford it, go with these)
-Cutting Board (donate the old wood ones-I LOVE my new bamboo board!)
-Cheese (box) grater

-One Of These (I'll tell you all about my vermiculture one day!)
-Timer (if you don't have one already on your stove/microwave etc)
-Toaster (you'll need a new one once you go gf sunshine!)

-I <3 my mandolin, even though I chopped off a very painful chunk of finger with it the first time I used it (I'll spare you the picture of THAT!)

 -I also <3 my bamboo steamer that Mr. C got me a 2 or 3 Christmases ago.

-Something else I've been thinking about lately is a kitchen scale.Gluten Free Girl has a great article on the importance of weighing things in your kitchen. Gave me something to think about. And maybe you too!

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