Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to eat a Pomegranate: The easy way

Pomegranates are in season until February, and I am tempted to get one every time I walk into the grocery store. As a child I recall my mom bringing one home, and we eating it as a family one night after dinner. I remember individually pulling the arils from the fruit with caution being urged not to stain our clothes. Until recently I squished the juice out of the aril in my mouth and spit out the "seed". Apparently you can eat it. And apparently there's an easier way to eat a pomegranate other than by pulling each aril from the fruit one by one....


Step one: buy a pomegranate. You want to choose one that seems heavy for its size compared to the others (this means there will be more juicy goodness inside!). Don't worry about what the outside looks like, it's irrelevant.

Step two: cut the crown off & score the pomegranate vertically.

Step three: submerge the pomegranate in water and soak it for five minutes.

Step four: simply pull the sections apart. Peel the rind off & separate the clumps of arils until you don't have any chunks of albedo left. Bits of membrane hanging around in the bowl is okay though, because now you're going to add water to your bowl. And those bits of membrane? They float to the top! How awesome is that! Just skim them off, drain the water & eat your juicy little arils up! 

 Part of our Christmas dinner menu this year includes an Arugula & Pomegranate salad, which I will share with you shortly!

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