Friday, January 21, 2011

Dinner: Fresh Rice Pasta & Kiwi Mojito's

Usually when I head to the grocery store, I have a plan. I generally have a list & know exactly what I'm going in for. Today however, that couldn't have been further from the truth. With not a clue what to make for dinner, we headed to the grocery store.

After much debate and discussion, and a few laps around the store, we still had gotten nowhere. After perusing the kitchen gadgets are of the store, we came across the deli where I spotted a cute little pre-pack hummus with crackers snack size package. There generally isn't much in the deli that I'm interested in looking at, but today something caught my eye.

Last week I was having a bit of a conversation via Facebook about the availability of gluten free (rice) spring roll wrappers (they're seemingly all wheat, but the rice wrappers are what you can make salad rolls out of) I decided to take a look at the spring rolls & other asian foods in the cooler. What I found were fresh rice noodles made by a company in Calgary called Mandarin Noodle. So it was going to be stirfry. Kind of.

We picked out a steak, and the other ingredients listed that we didn't already have at the house & ventured home! 

In a hot wok, we sauteed up our ingredients as directed on the package.

But decided we needed a bit more veggie matter, so threw in some broccoli & water chestnuts.

The noodles came out of the package in a block & were not easily broken up. It reminded me of cranberry sauce that's shaped like the can (which you will never see in my house by the way!). In future, I will place the noodles in a bowl of warm water before adding them to the wok to break them up a bit. We still had big chunks of noodle in the end, despite my best efforts.

Some bell pepper & a handful of bean sprouts in addition to the soy sauce as directed and some fish sauce for good measure (I skipped the salt & sugar however). 


We also picked out some fresh mint in the produce section along with a bag of kiwis with the intentions of kiwi mojito's. They turned out to be martini's (sort of!), but tasty none the less!


Despite the ten feet of snow in our front yard & the fact that Mr.C's mom left for Hawaii today... we're having our own little luau.


Kiwi Mojito's

fresh mint leaves
1/2 kiwi, mashed
1/2 oz simple syrup (or to taste)
2 oz white rum
sparkling water

Muddle mint, kiwi, simple syrup & rum.
Pour over ice (optional) into a glass and top with sparkling water.
Wear flip flops & sunglasses (also optional).

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