Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breakfast: Spanish Fried Eggs

I have a secret addiction I should probably tell you about. It seems as though I subscribe to what can only be described as an "unhealthy" number of blogs. I need to weed some out, because I can barely keep up! I suspect quitting my job to read blogs all day is out of the question...


Yesterday, I discovered Apartment Therapy. And while most of the blogs I read are food related, not all of them are. Just my luck... Apartment Therapy  has a little sub-division called The Kitchn. Go figure. I've spent a larger portion of the last 24 hours reading those two blogs than I have spent at work. Not kidding. The gist? Go check it out. But only if you have some free time on your hands.


Recently The Kitchn posted an article about Spanish fried eggs. It appears as though I was not the only one that hadn't heard of them before, but we immediately wanted to try it out! We eat a lot of eggs at our house, and they're usually fried. 


You'll need:






an iceberg of coconut oil 

(in your smallest frying pan, preferably cast iron)


crack ONE egg into a small bowl (or strangely, a coffee mug)

once the coconut oil is HOT pour the egg into the pan. BE CAREFUL.

and be prepared to move very quickly from here on in. get a spoon.

at this point you will want to take your pan off the hot burner and place it on a cold one

what you're going to do is spoon the hot oil over top of the egg so that it cooks from the bottom and the top. 

 don't splash yourself with hot oil. please?

I hope you're wearing long sleeves!

keep spooning until your egg white is all cooked

it'll look just like an ordinary fried egg, but just you wait!

You can probably tell by now that you really only can cook one at a time, but they cook so fast that your first one wont be cold even after you've cooked four of them! I've tested this theory, and only speak the truth. What else is the truth? These are the BEST fried eggs I have EVER had in my life. I'm completely converted. They are perfect.

Sprinkle with fresh ground sea salt & pepper. Serve with pancakes & raspberry syrup. Or toast, it's your call. Actually, these would be AMAZING in a fried egg sandwich... a messy fried egg sandwich mind you...

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