Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Round 2

The last go-around really brought my attention to the amount of garbage that goes in, well, the garbage! Not just the plastic, but everything. Having a furry critter running around the house (a critter that uses a litter box) adds to our accumulation for sure, but not nearly as much as we do. I'm again noticing the reoccurring theme of processed, unhealthier foods turning up in our plastic pile. This is where we can absolutely reduce our garbage output. As a household (6 adults) we more often than not fail to fill our garbage can by the time the weekly pick-up day comes around, but think about the term "garbage can". What comes to mind?

I envision an aluminum can that stands maybe three feet off the ground. This, compared to the wheeled plastic beast that lives outside our house. Our society, or more likely our cities have granted us this excess allowance. We go about our lives thinking that generating that much garbage weekly is acceptable. Clearly as much disposable packaging as will fit in the garbage throughout a seven day period is okay. Because everyone else on our street is doing the same, that must mean that this is the status quo? Defy the "norm", and challenge yourself to shrink the waistline of your garbage can (and likely your own as well!).

1. 50kg bag of sand (for icy walkway, used throughout winter)
2. Plastic wrap from picture frame (part of v-day gift)
3. 3 Bread bags (odds & ends from the freezer)
4. Wine cork (from these)
5. Band-Aid tabs & used Band-Aids (I acquired a brutal scrape on the back of my heel that interfered with wearing shoes all week)
6. Rice Noodle tray & wrapping (from this)
7. Potato bag (5kg)
8. Various stickers from fruit
9. PopChips bag
10. Lays chip bag (not shown)
11. Pasta bag
12. 2 Bread bag tags
13. 2 Styrofoam cups
14. 2 Plastic forks
15. 2 Dairy Queen Blizzard cups
16. 2 Dairy Queen spoons
17. Rice stick noodle bag (we had this for dinner on Friday
18. Plastic sample attachment from bottle of gin (at least the sample bottle is glass...)
19. Peanut bag (leftover from summer camping)
20. Bean sprout bag (from Pad Thai)
21. Plastic wrap (also from that)
22. Lid from container reused many times
23. Bottle of face cream (lasted me almost 2 years!)
24. Inner bag from box of cereal (we don't buy often)
25. Ketchup bag (always lasts for ages)
26. Breton cracker liner
27. 2 Rice cracker trays
28. Miss Vickies chip bag
29. Instant noodles package
30. Mushroom tray (for Greek Pasta & Pad Thai)
31. 12 Caramel wrappers (leftover from Halloween)
32. 7 Pieces dental floss
33. Brown rice crisp bag (New product- had to try! Not as good as these though.)
34. Garbage bag for the weeks trash
35. Spice (cumin) bag (bulk spices aren't available here, but a bag is better than a bottle, right?)
36. Wakame rice pasta bag including 3 inner paper rings (coated with wax or plastic of some kind)
37. Plastic wrap from Kleenex (someone's sniffly this week...)

Yet again this week the majority of my plastic garbage is from processed foods. For someone who makes a TON of what we eat from scratch, you would think that the chip bags stacking up wouldn't be an issue in our house. I am finding that I'm more aware when I'm out shopping though, buying the garlic or peppers in bulk rather than the 3 pack in a plastic bag. And we honestly don't go to dairy queen often. I promise. The winter doldrums are in full swing around here, even though we're starting to get more hours of sunlight finally. Many people eat for emotional reasons, and we're on board that ship for sure.

Here's last weeks submission!

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