Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weeks Worth Of Plastic: Round 3

After going over last weeks accumulation, I really wanted to hunker down and work on the major contributor of our plastic: junk pre-packaged convenience foods. And while much to my frustration, there are still "goodies" lurking in my cupboards, refrigerator, freezer etc that are added to the list when we use them up. Like french fries. I honestly don't consume these often AT ALL, but somehow there was a partial bag of them that needed to go. So they did. We still have most of a case of ramen noodles in the cold room and a few packages of rice crackers that were bought on sale awhile back, but these things take time I suppose.

1. Butcher's paper from chicken sausage (not shown)
2. 2 Rice cracker packages
3. Restaurant ketchup package (ancient- ketchup doesn't go bad, does it?)
4. French fries bag
5. Various stickers from fruit
6. Pistachio bag
7. 2 "Lucky Flowers Anti-Mold Sticker" found inside shoebox
8. 2 Biodegradable plastic bags that shoes came in (lined with bubble wrap & with a giant plastic envelope stuck to the outside- makes it not-so-biodegradable, now doesn't it?)
9. 2 pouches from risotto packet
10. 2 Coconut ice cream plastic seals entire tubs of ice cream. Guilty.
11. Single serve instant miso soup packet (not shown)
12. 2 Bulk bin bags (I bought these on etsy this week!)
13. Plastic ring from price tag off of Christmas gift
14. Deli paper
15. Salad tub plastic seal
16. Sobey's keyring scan tag (broke, but we don't have Sobey's here anyways, so I wont be getting another)
17. Salad tub
18. Mayo jar squeezable... tube (?) (We have yet to find a mayo substitute suitable to our dietary needs, but are investigating making our own!)
19. Post-It Flags dispenser (had for ages, came free with something, finally used up)
20. Fish packaging
21. Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix bag. (It's available in a much larger bag, but I've never seen it in stores here in Canada). Used for these. Also, I have converted a pancake hater with this stuff- it's GOOD.
22. Ring from seal of glass bottle of goat's milk (we're doing a little dairy experiment here....)
23. 6-pack plastic ring
24. 3 sample packages (acquired a few years ago) of lotion
25. 7 pieces dental floss
26. 1 pasta bag with 3 single serving "rings"
27. A couple of band-aids (& packages) resulting from new work shoes
28. Packaging from buffalo sausages
29. 2 Garbage bags from weeks worth of trash from kitchen & bathroom.
30. Sachet of couscous inside box
31. Dish from taco place (it's better to eat something rather than going grocery shopping hungry, right? And, it did look like it was cardboard, don't you think?)
32. Bread bag with tag
33. 2 DVD-R's that did not burn successfully
34. Instant soup package
35. Soup tetra pack (recyclable)
36. Pull tab from almond milk carton
37. Partial yeast packet (the last of em'!)
38. Rice cake bag (from before we moved!)
39. Old dish sponge & wrapper from new one (was stashed in the cleaning supplies box)

I decided to purchase fish from work this week (instead of our seafood place) as we were planning on making Fish & Chips. I came armed with my biggest glass container at eight am (as to not be a nuisance on my day off). This is what I found:

While I did save a few bucks by getting it at restaurant cost, I'll choose the seafood place next time. On a more positive note, we did discover a near-perfect way of making potato chips along with our fish this week. I'm happy to report that there are NO chip bags in this weeks garbage pile. I'm also happy to report that I've not purchased any from the store either! AND I did find pistachios in bulk this week too :)

On another positive note, I DID find Heinz ketchup in a glass bottle at Save On Foods, which for my Calgary readers isn't available (hey, we don't have Safeway, Sobey's OR Co-op here!). I'm sure you could find one too if you really looked! Our last bottle of ketchup was "hippie ketchup", but damn it was good! We wont be purchasing it again as long as it's in a plastic pouch. Sadly, my favorite honey garlic sauce also comes in this format. Once we run out of the ketchup that's currently in the glass bottle, what to do? It looks like Heinz isn't planning to go back to glass anytime soon. I've seen large cans of ketchup, which we could refill into our bottle, but it would likely take us ten years to go through that much of the stuff! Aside from making our own, which is a likely possibility, any thoughts?


  1. Thanks for writing about this. Have you heard the good news that Frito Lays has decided to replace its noisy Sun Chips bag. Something else that's related to it is this video I saw on the GreenopolisTV youtube channel. Check it out.

  2. I can't eat sunchips as they're not gluten free, but I don't think that they ever switched back to the "regular bags" after the original biodegradable bags were pulled off the shelves awhile back (In Canada anyways).

    I think it's absolutely appalling that they took them off the market because they were too noisy. And even worse that people bothered to complain about it that in turn prompted the company to do what they did. How superficial....