Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bitlets For You This Past Week: March 7-13, 2011

Still working on paying off your holiday expenses? Here's 10 gf budget tips to help you along the way!

A non-stick coating made of minerals? Green-Pan processes used materials into new products to prevent waste!

Some people are really passionate about this stuff!'s article: Organic Eggs May Have The Same Flavor As Conventional, But They Still Taste Better has some interesting insights confirming my hunches. Yay happy chickens!

Need yet another reason to increase your fiber intake? Reducing the risk of death from infectious & respiratory diseases. But, for those of us with gluten issues, a bran muffin isn't exactly the best fiber helper... What's a girl to do? Keep in mind that fiber is only available in plants. Dairy, meat & eggs in addition to anything white (as in most cases the fiber has been processed out) have no fiber. Vegetables have tons of fiber! Consider adding hummus to your repertoire. Amy Green from Simply Sugar & Gluten Free has just released her first book and it has a great hummus recipe! 

This is the radiation you're aiming at your brain (presumably) several times a day:


Despite the trendy "foodie" label, statistically less and less people are cooking their own meals. I work in a restaurant, I see it day in & out. Why is it important to cook? And to teach your kids the value of knowing how to cook? Aside from the lack of "commercially available" options depending on your allergies/food preferences that is...

Oh, and THESE look amazing!


  1. OMG and Holy Sh!t!!! I don't use a cel phone except for emergencies, but that video is unreal! I do use a cordless land line... do you suppose there are similar issues?

  2. OK... that video had me good and freaked out, so I talked to my boyfriend, the uber geek, about it. What followed was an extremely technical hour-long discussion about, watts, amps, volts, radiation wavelengths, batteries and his assurance that both cell phones and cordless phones are perfectly safe. (In the meantime I had found several articles about how cordless phones were even worse than cell phones and had proceeded to freak out about that too.)

    And since I still needed further assurance that my brain wasn't getting fried, he sent me this link which debunks the whole thing.

    Apparently the video was part of a viral marketing campaign for a providor of bluetooth headsets, and it was a total hoax. The part about the popcorn is near the bottom of the article.

    Whew! at least I can cross that off of my list of things to freak out about. Now it's back to overpopulation and melting ice caps...


  3. Here's a great explanation of how they "did it". Or rather how they made it look like they did it. Thanks for checking that one out for me!