Friday, March 18, 2011

French Toast & Grilled Cheese

French toast was always something reserved for special weekends. We didn't get it often growing up, but when we did it was a treat. As someone who regularly pays around $6 for a loaf of bread, french toast certainly isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I'm thinking about what to use it for. We did make garlic bread this week that was amazing, and I thought to myself "What other bread-based items do avoid eating". Naturally french toast was dead on.

I can recall my mother making the "dip" for french toast from a recipe book, but when she taught it to me it was verbal. When I make french toast, I don't measure. One egg, a shake of cinnamon &/or nutmeg &/or cloves (I think she puts allspice in hers) and enough milk for as many people that you're feeding. Today I used coconut milk because we've got a bunch in the fridge & Udi's bread because it's my fave. And we had it with a grapefruit curd that was inspired by Jenna's tarts.

After spending more time this afternoon than is reasonably necessary, we decided what was for dinner & headed off to the grocery store. And then, upon finding a coupon in my wallet (that expired at the end of this month) for this stuff, we decided that we needed to detour (only slightly) to the health food store before we headed home. Imagine- going to the health food store for ice cream. This happens. Upon arriving, we picked up a few other items and noticed that Daiya was on sale- the new Pepperjack Daiya at that (oh trust me, it's SO GOOD). Long story short, we ended up having grilled "cheese" for dinner instead. Vegan grilled cheese. Love.

What have you "given up" since becoming gluten free?

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  1. All sounds divine! I still haven't tried Daiya ... soon, very soon. :-)