Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy (Belated) Pi Day!

No, that's not a typo! Monday was March 14 (3/14) or when taken slightly out of context: 3.14. Ya know, like 3.14159....... Pi!


In the (not so) lazy days (because we just moved) stretching through September, my grandmother gave us a box (!) full of apples from a tree in their backyard. Upon getting them home, I thought to myself "What on earth am I possibly going to be able to use all these apples on/in???". Then came the apple crisp, the apple sauce, and I found a website somewhere that had suggested making up an apple pie filling (lining the pie plate with tin foil) and freezing it. Then when you're ready to make pie, just whip up the crust and drop in your giant pie shaped apple-sicle. I figured this was the perfect day to make Pi...

Umm, this happened when the filling was shaped like something!

I was lazy though & used a mix. Ya know, to try out something new. Actually, pies are nestled right beside yeasted bread on the I-don't-make-it-very-often-because-it-kind-of-scares-me spectrum. And it's not Thanksgiving. It's not Christmas. I don't have a legit "holiday" that requires pie, just "Pi Day"- no big deal, right? Sigh...

Psst, this is actually a pumpkin cookie cutter from a set I got cheap after Halloween, but it TOTALLY looks like an apple, right?


  1. What a great idea on the apple popsicle! :-) And, of course, it looks like an apple. ;-)