Monday, March 14, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Round 5

This is week number five of plastic awareness & reduction in our house. And ladies, perhaps you're wondering... While there are plenty of cardboard based feminine hygiene products out there, there are also plenty more that are plastic and more comfortable by a large margin. If you're not already familiar, let me introduce The Diva Cup. After 3 years or so, I think I'm qualified to give a thumbs up to the biggest environmental savior in my bathroom. I'll throw it in now that I've saved a ton of cash ditching the disposable option as well.

“Not every woman can afford a hybrid car nor easily convert their home to solar power. Yet, by choosing to use a menstrual cup instead of disposable tampons and pads, any woman is able to make an environmentally responsible choice each month. This is no small matter. In the U.S. alone, billions of tampons and pads are dumped into landfills and the environment each year.”

-Carinne Chambers, DivaCup creator

1. 2 Razor blades (not shown)
2. 7 pieces dental floss (not shown)
3. 2 Sample packages face cream (that's all of em'!)
4. Bread bag & 3 tags
5. Bacon wrapping (not shown)
6. Tapioca starch bag wrapper
7. 2 stickers from bowls bought for blog photography
8. Lemon bag
9. Veggie bag (was on sale)
10. Seal from glass jar of artichoke hearts
11. Goat cheese package
12. Daiya vegan "cheese" package
13. 2 Plastic rings from laundry basket & pair of tongs purchased
14. Salad tub & seal
15. Various stickers from fruit
16. Biscuit mix bag (from this post)
17. Pecan bag (from Christmas baking)
18. "Bulk" popcorn bag
19. 2 Pasta bags
20. 2 Juice Box straws
21. Chocolate wrapper
22. RealFruit gummies bag
23. Taco shell wrapping
24. Salsa jar (taco night!)
25. 2kg bag of sorghum flour (as bulk as I can get it around here!)
26. Seal from jar of peppercorns (bulk bags STILL not here!)
27. Butcher paper from package of yak meat (not shown)
28. Caramel wrappers (leftover halloween candy)
29. Instant noodles package
30. Sample cup from farmers market

At the beginning of the month, set out a "No-New-Plastic-For-A-Month Challenge" suggesting that participants would:

1. Buy No New Plastic. This means that for one month you will avoid buying any product that contains new plastic.
2. Consider The Plastic You Already Live With. Take an inventory of the plastic already in your home and use this to decrease your use patterns.
3. Recycle Any Unused Plastic. If you don't use it, get rid of it the right way.

A week later, they revisited the challenge to find out what kind of difficulties people were encountering and went over some solutions on reducing plastic usage:

  • Shopped in the bulk section of our grocery store to get our grains sans plastic.
  • Made our own laundry detergent.
  • Consumed less and started working on eating those things in the pantry that have been just sitting around.
  • Made our own produce bags.
  • Made our own bread bags.
  • Took a plastic inventory and recycled more plastic than we realized we had.
  • Recognized hidden plastic sources in plastic coated cardboard, plastic coated aluminum soda cans, in clothing and other places.
  • Shopped at Life Without Plastic.

I'm eager to see what other solutions are discussed this week!


  1. I too am a long time user and HUGE fan of the divacup! I recommend it to everyone - religiously.. :) by far on of the best choices i have made as a woman. I am keeping chemicals out of me, one use waste out of the landfil and feel better (it is true, I hear it from all who use it)!

    Fonda LaShay

  2. I absolutely agree Fonda, I'll never "go back" that's for sure!