Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Candied Lemons

Sunday morning we woke up to no internet. Usually on lazy mornings I hang out in bed with my laptop sometimes for hours at a time. Seemingly that wasn't going to be happening. After all kinds of bad words and phone calls to the family techie we were still out of luck. Many (many!) suggestions of phoning our internet provider were made before they actually occurred, and as usual I was right. It wasn't some wayward router redirect. A gas station outside of town blew up and it happened to be right next to our internet providers main hub. We would have no internet for the rest of the day- what to do?

WEEKS ago, I bought a bag of lemons thinking I would use them for some wonderful series of recipes. Yesterday the majority of them were still lurking in the kitchen, getting harder as the days went by. They weren't quite to the point of needing to throw them out though, so I candied them. Without direction of course. How hard could it be?

Not hard at all actually...

Lemons, sliced as thin as you can (be careful if you're using a mandolin... mine has it out for me!)
Simple syrup (equal parts sugar dissolved in water) to cover

In the widest pot or pan you've got

Bring to a simmer. This recipe says you only need 15-20 minutes, but mine were on the stove for at least two hours. And they're amazing. "Just like candy" I said after trying the first one. Mr.C said "That's because they're candied lemons." Oh. I guess he's right...


  1. They look really good! I think a twisted candied lemon slice or 2 would be a great garnish on a citrus sorbet.

  2. We gobbled them all up since we left on vacation on Friday, but that is a fantastic idea!