Friday, April 22, 2011

Maui: U.S. Customs

Le Sigh. We're en route to our tropical destination today, and after spending a lovely afternoon in Vancouver, we decided we'd best head for the airport so that we had plenty of time to get through customs. The abnormally cheery customs guy took one look at my apples & I knew it was headed downhill from there.

You see, I took the stickers off the apples and washed them before we left the house. However, because there are no (plastic) stickers on them (indicating their origin) I had to leave them behind. I mentioned that I can't eat airplane food due to my celiac disease, but I didn't have a note indicating that I did in fact have the disease. I told him I could write my own note because I'm a nutritionist, but he wasn't terribly amused. And that was that.

On the bright side, we had lunch at Whole Foods this afternoon. There are only a handful of Whole Foods in Canada (in Toronto & Vancouver only) so I've never been to one! Fortunately there is one located near the airport in Maui, but we arrive at 9:30 pm tonight, so we'll have to try to get over there another day. In the meantime, conventional food will have to suffice in this airport world of fast food joints & duty free junk...

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