Monday, April 18, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Round 10

1. Hummus container w/seal
2. 7 pieces dental floss (not shown)
3. Garbage bags for the weeks trash (not shown)
4. 2 Seals from cartons of almond milk
5. Various stickers on fruit
6. Olive oil tin (plastic spout)
7. Smoked salmon package (sushi!)
8. Seal from container of hair serum
9. Broccoli slaw bag (who can resist half price?)
10. Greens powder container
11. 6 instant noodles packages & wrapping from the case (that's all of em'!)
12. Jugs of fuel injector cleaner & washer fluid during oil change (not shown)
13. Cucumber wrapping
14. Juice box straw
15. Hollandaise sauce mix
16. Bag & wrappers from Halloween candy (Caramels)
17. GF Bun bag (from Christmas)
18. Tortilla chip bag
19. 2 Herb containers
20. Styrofoam takeout containers (someone didn't finish their dinner...)
21. Produce bag (pre-packaged by a vendor at the farmers market)
22. Salad bin & seal
23. Caramilk bunnies wrapper (yup, there was a slip-up)
24. 2 restaurant straws (not shown)
25. 2 restaurant mint wrappers (not shown)
26. 2 restaurant dip cups (not shown)
27. Agave (glass) bottle lid
28. Seal from new bottle of agave
29. Goat cheese package
30. Bandaids & wrappers (Not shown)

We're leaving in a handful of days, so we've been slightly more creative than usual with trying to use up some of the odds & ends in the fridge & freezer this week. Normally we wouldn't use hollandaise sauce (for example) but we had some smoked salmon leftover from sushi (AND pizza!) so we made salmon benny's!

I won't be tallying next weeks plastic since we leave on Friday for warmer climates. (But here's last week's plastic trash.) I will however make an effort to keep track of everything that we discard throughout the entirety of our trip (2 weeks). I'm excited to face the challenges that traveling will bring! I have to remember- no straws! I always forget...

In the meantime however, here are a few little bits of plasticky info:

What to do?

Have you seen The Story of Stuff? Or any of the other subsequent informative films?

This is some really cool new technology to avoid using plastics. I love it!

How to ingest less plastic (who knew you were ingesting any to begin with?)

Here's a bit more info about the types of plastics you may be ingesting (and where the heck they're coming from!) Sadly were not the only ones ingesting this stuff though...


  1. good luck on your vacation! I have not done big traveling yet, am worried for the summer! I am sure you will do great though!

    love the TED video, I hope it catches on in big business

  2. Thanks Fonda, I think the mushroom TED video is awesome! It said something along the lines of a "major company" was using their stuff already, so I hope others will follow.