Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bitlets For You This Past Week: May 10-16, 2011

Sadly Blogger was on the fritz earlier this week & failed to save many of the links I had amassed for this post. Sorry it's late. And missing the good stuff :(

Vegans & vegetarians think eating meat is gross... check this out.

And did you hear about this?????

On a tastier note, have you ever had yak meat before? We stock up at Horizon meats whenever we're in Calgary.

Exploding watermelons!

celiac vaccine? I can't say I'd go for it... you?

Gluten-free isn't always healthy!

I love hearing about this happening!

Don't believe everything you see on a supermarket shelf. I suppose you should know better.

Your intestinal health has more to do with your brain than you think.

An extremely well written guide on how to live gluten free.

Actually cooking your own food isn't as hard as industry would have you think it is.

It used to be like this. Oh how the times have changed...


  1. Love that one about mom's recipe to avoid obesity. My mom was similar except we had all sorts of baked goods, mmm apple sauce cake for breakfast. I noticed a big difference in my weight going gluten-free and dairy-free. I've had to change to that more basic diet.

  2. It seems as though people either lose a bunch of weight or gain a bunch when they go g-free. It's far too easy to succumb to the pre-prepared gluten free items just because they're there.

    "Oh wow, a gluten free cinnamon bun! I never would have looked twice at a cinnamon bun before, but since there's a gluten free one I'd better have it!"

    On another note, I think I'm making a banana choc chip bundt cake for breakfast...