Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maui: Gluten Free Eats

While this is likely the least flattering picture of me from our last trip to Maui, it does illustrate the results of my learning curve towards a gluten free diet. At this point in my life, I was just beginning to eat gluten free. I've never been officially diagnosed with Celiac disease, but let me tell ya I can pick up on the teeniest bit of gluten. Three years ago when this picture was taken I had no knowledge of cross contamination, the ingredients in soy sauce or the fake crab that's in sushi. It was more or less just "I can't eat bread". Looking back (even long before this trip) I can see the signs. Two years prior to this picture I can recall comments of "You always have gas after we get bagels from Tim Hortons!". I didn't clue in at the time. Or for quite awhile afterwards either...

This time, I'm prepared.

We're staying in a condo and will be attempting to make most of our food ourselves (saves on costs too!) since we have the ability to do so, but at the same time we're on vacation too. I wont have many of the pantry supplies that I have at home in the condo, so a bit of pre-planning was required.

GIANT omelet with rice (!) at Fred's

Moose Mcgillycuddys / Fred's Mexican Cafe: Right next door to the condo complex we're staying in, Fred's is great any time of day & is open for breakfast. Mexican fare generally has corn substitutes for wheat based flour tortillas, making gluten free choices easier. The two are of the same group of restaurants, and use the same kitchen (Moose's is upstairs) so their tacos are available on corn as well (and cheap on Tuesdays!). Oh, and they're awesome!

Flatbread: We drove up to Paia one afternoon to check out all the cool little shops & had lunch at Flatbread. They are primarily a pizza place, but they offer gluten free as well! We went for the vegan pizza (on a gluten free crust of course!) and added goat cheese, which came from Surfing Goat Dairy. It was fantastic! I'll be tweaking my pizza crust when I get home, now that I know that a crust like this is possible!

Ono Gelato: Sourcing fresh local ingredients, Ono makes their gelato fresh every day with only the best ingredients (including a flavor using the Surfing Goat Dairy's Lilikoi quark which is what they use in their cheesecake filling! This gelato flavor does contain some cows milk as well as the goats milk however.). We tasted the Lilikoi in addition to blood orange, pineapple (obligatory!) and a fantastic green tea, fruity flavored creation. They were all fantastic, and served in biodegradable cups that were collected for composting!

Sansei Sushi: I was SO looking forward to this, as it's the best sushi I've EVER had in my life. I had planned to bring a bit of gluten free soy sauce with me in case I couldn't find any, but checked with the health food store down the street from where we stayed & they sold it, so I didn't bother. Turns out Sansei had my favorite GF tamari available in house!

808 Bistro: On our very last day (departure day at that) in Maui, we stopped in at this tucked away spot for some breakfast. We should have gone sooner. This was by far the best breakfast I ate the whole trip. The establishment serves breakfast, lunch & dinner and (here's the sneaky part) does BYOB! To be honest, that was probably the reason why we didn't try them out sooner. I felt like it gave the place a bit of a cheezy feel, but it was anything but. This is yet another spot in Kihei that we will be returning to on our next visit.

Oh, and we got to check these guys out!


  1. This is AWESOME!!!! I do have Celiac Disease and my husband and I leave for Maui this Saturday. I'm soooo going to check out Flatbread! GF Pizza?!?!?! YUM!!!!! Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh and the name of your blog is spot on!!!
    Slightly Irritating & Inconvenient - true dat!