Friday, May 6, 2011

Maui: Springtime Farmers Market

Our last trip to Maui was in February, which was excellent for whale watching (we arrived smack dab in the middle of mating season) but it was still winter. Nothing like what the rest of North America experiences in February of course. This trip was the end of April where most of the rest of the world is yearning for those rainy showers resulting in spring flowers & all kinds of other green things are sprouting up. We missed out on the farmers market last time, but this year we got a chance & jumped all over the fresh produce.

Maui is three hours ahead of the time zone we're used to, so of course we were up at an ungodly hour most mornings. But since it's still spring, the sun goes down around 7:00, so waking up early makes for optimal usage of daylight hours. However, not a lot of places are open that early in the morning. I suppose we made a bit of a mistake by going to the farmers market first thing in the morning (even though we had been up for so long already!). While the sign said they were open, most vendors were still setting up for the day. They call it being on 'Maui time' because everything is so relaxed & no one's stressed out. Being a bit late is no big deal!

Hawaii certainly isn't known for its avocados, but it seems as though they're in season here on Maui- they were everywhere! And HUGE! We've gone through more avocados this week than an all you can eat Mexican restaurant! And they are phenomenal!

Mangoes growing on the condo property.

Pineapple IS what Hawaii is known for & here on Maui they're certainly pumping it out (although much of the pineapple found in grocery stores across North America is not grown here due to a higher cost of labour than in other countries). Did you know that it takes two years for a pineapple to grow to full size? We drove past a field of pineapples when we went ziplining. They had little bitty ones that had been planted only 3 weeks prior, and great big ones that were just about ready to be harvested! That is just about as local as you can get!


  1. Oh, so lovely and good, Kristin. I'm enjoying seeing the snapshots of you two! :-) The birds of paradise and other stunning tropical flowers are everywhere there, so it's not surprising to see one to the side of your photo--nice!


  2. There are so many flowers everywhere in such a warm humid climate! We're completely dehydrated having come home 24 hours ago to the opposite :( We spotted birds of paradise quite a few times over the course of the trip, and of course hibiscus flowers everywhere. They're my fave <3