Friday, May 20, 2011

Maui: Sustainable Fish

I bought a cookbook at our 'fish place' awhile ago that is a compilation of "Ocean-Friendly" recipes written by "Chefs Who Care". The Ocean Wise Cookbook is chock full of beautifully photographed dishes crafted from sustainable fish choices. A section at the beginning of the book details which fish are better than others, how to purchase, prepare & store your fish and the differences between wild & farmed fish. To read more about sustainable seafood, check this out.

You can download a wallet sized sustainable seafood guide for your region here. It does depend on where you live and what's local and not over fished in your area.

Not-so-local shrimp from our last trip to Maui

I can recall eating Ahi Tuna & Mahi Mahi the last time I was in Hawaii. (At the time) I assumed that any fish that was being served at a restaurant that was overlooking the ocean was fresh from the water in front of me, and I felt great "knowing" that. I was a little more discriminating in my choices this trip.

There are a few fish that I don't eat ever really including shark, orange roughy, farmed salmon (except presumably in sushi on occasion), caviar, tuna (all kinds, occasionally sushi), snapper, grouper and a lot of the bottom dwelling, filtering-type seafood like scallops. And a lot of the fish on this list we don't really see much of at home including swordfish, marlin & spearfish- I've never even heard of this! I'd be looking for things like crab, halibut, tilapia, oysters & mussels on menus in Hawaii. It can be confusing, so print off the pocket guide for easy reference!

Pollock is one of those things that a celiac wants to stay away from as the "fake crabmeat" touted as pollock that it is generally found in sushi can contain wheat. Go figure. Sendo Sushi, which is "our sushi place" in Prince George has California rolls made with real crab. I was thrilled to find out I could have a basic California roll at a restaurant again!

"Mainland sushi" no matter how good it is will probably never live up to what we've had in Maui however!

I digress...

Fishing outside the box!

Sustainable fish farming!

Tell me about your fish choices lovlies!

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  1. Great reminders, Kristin, on what we can eat with a clear conscience! I also appreciate the sushi info. While I knew that fake crabmeat contained gluten, I didn't know it was sometimes being touted as pollock. Will share this with a group member who got sick from sushi recently, and despite detective work (no soy, etc.), she never figured out why. :-(

    Thanks again and happy Friday!