Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 12

Oh man is this a bad week... I'm embarrassed:

1. 7 pieces dental floss (not shown)
2. Garbage bag for the week (not shown)
3. 2 Ice bags from camping
4. 2 Chip bags
5. Rice cracker tray
6. Plastic lining inside air mattress
7. Daiya package
8. 2 Salad tubs
9. Rice bag
10. Broken plastic spoon
11. Juice box straw
12. Tortilla chip bag
13. Wine gum bag
14. 2 pieces butchers paper
15. Frozen fruit bag
16. Restaurant straw (not shown)
17. Bison burger packaging
18. Breton cracker sleeve
19. 2 Pasta bags
20. Lid to glass bottle of salad dressing
21. Duct tape wrapping
22. Cellophane from box of q-tips
23. Ham package
24. Cherry tomato container
25. OLD package of jam (found in camping gear)
26. Dried blueberries package
27. Apron package (I thought it was a home made one when I ordered it)
28. Bread bag
29. Tab from carton of almond milk
30. Candy wrapper
31. Energy chews package
32. Seal from glass bottle of salad dressing
33. Corn tortilla bag
34. Seal from glass bottle of soy sauce
35. Citronella candle bucket lid
36. 2 (OJ & Coconut milk) pull tabs
37. Fish packaging

We started the week on a short camping trip, so yet again this week we have a few things that aren't normally part of our daily life. We've restarted collecting & refreezing our ice cubes for camping purposes since it tis' the season! This was a 24 hour notice camping trip, so we weren't terribly prepared, hence lots of pre-prepared foods like chips & rice crackers rather than things like granola bars. I'll be better prepared for our next trip, that's for sure!

I'm going to set a goal of less than 25 items for next week. How am I going to do it? We're cooking a turkey on Tuesday (which is sigh, wrapped in plastic), we have four different kinds of rice that are not currently in plastic packaging at our disposal & lots of veggies from the farmers market from the weekend (which are mostly in plastic now that I think of it...). I'm going to have to be diligent!


  1. great goal! Maybe a local butcher would have a turkey with less plastic? Just an idea :)

    I can imagine a camping trip does make for more surprises!

  2. It's a turkey that we got cheap after Christmas... tomorrow's the big day! It'll only be more freezer burned the longer I wait :S Just a few more days left in the week, we're not doin' too bad!