Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PG Farmers Market

For the last three years (at least) we've gone to the farmers market on the weekend (more often than not) in all three of the cities we've called home in these past three years. When we lived in Edmonton, we frequented the 104st City Market from May through until Thanksgiving as it was only a few blocks walk from where we lived, and the Old Strathcona Farmers Market in the winter months. I do miss the asparagus from Edgar Farms, the amazing hummus from The Happy Camel & waiting in line for the market to open in front of Sundog Organic Farm on those crisp mornings. 

In Calgary we were loyal customers to retailers such as Missing Link SausageThe Cucumber Man, Sunworks Farm & especially Lund's Organic carrots. There's been a lot of politics in Calgary surrounding the farmers markets over the last few years, as the "old" Currie Barracks market was literally kicked out and the vendors split off into two separate markets. I'm looking forward to checking out the new digs when we visit in August.

Here in Prince George, a city only a sliver of the population of our former two in size, the farmers market is a bit different, but we love it just the same.

McGregor Mountain Farm taps birch trees locally to produce this unique birch syrup along with many other vegan, gluten free and raw food items.

Fresh herbs, green onions & fiddleheads from Sakhon Proulx.

We took one of these heirloom tomato plants home (along with zucchini & chard) 2 weekends ago & it's flowering like crazy!

The salsa from the Mojave Chili & Spice Co. is phenomenal! Made fresh & no sugar added. There's some in my fridge right now!

We always seem to have a stash of bison in our freezer from October Farm. They're well versed in gluten free requirements & 3 of their sausages are safe!

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