Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 17

Yet again this week we started out on a 2 day mini camping trip. Each & every time we go out to pitch the tent we're coming back with less & less garbage & I'm extremely proud of our accomplishments! On our way back in from the campground, we always stop at an amazing butcher's shop & get a few things. Mostly because it's on the other side of town from us so we don't bother going usually, but we come right past it on our way home. This time we bought a little more than usual, so our meat consumption this week is higher than the norm which means we've got a bit more trash to report. If we can remember where we've stashed our extra containers in the mess of camping gear they will be used in future instead of the deli wrapping paper.


1. Stickers on fruit
2. Bag for week's trash (not shown)
3. Butchers paper x 2 (not shown)
4. Bag of frozen veggies (not shown)
5. RealFruit gummies bag
6. 2 Tortilla chip bags
7. Refillable (glass bottle) pump of moisturizer (finally bit the dust)
8. Inner bag from box of salt (new salt has no bag- yay!)
9. Pasta bag
10. Cheese wrapping
11. 2 Deli meat bags
12. Plastic label off of glass jar
13. 3 Bread bags & tags
14. Bacon packaging
15. Package from ribs (not shown)
16. Coleslaw dressing jar
17. Fudge wrapper
18. Broken ziptie
19. Seal from glass milk jug
20. Seal from bottle
21. Seal from glass jar of peanut butter

And would you look at that! I like the looks of a short list like this.... On another note, I picked these up at our local health food store. I'm pumped for my existing sponge to continue falling apart! P.S. That's cardboard packaging with no plastic! Yes!

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