Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bitlets For You This Past Week: July 04- 10, 2011

7 keys to living a greener lifestyle. Where could you improve?

Linking diabetes with pesticides: go organic!

The lowdown on gluten & celiac for someone new to the dance (and maybe a few things YOU didn't know either!)

I'm sure you've seen the infamous public display of...  eating disorder?

Here is the humongous list of foods additives (excluding colors!) that manufacturers are allowed to put into our foods! Aim for a whole foods diet, darlins'.

A fantastic resource for ditching the disposable habit.

Ever had an ostrich egg?

Here are 10 staple garden crops for you to get started with!

Yes, if you drug the cows, the milk's gonna look like this...

3 gluten free brands I haven't seen before, spotted at Winners this week! Yay mainstream! Boo, all in plastic packaging...

Where does one find balance between invasive species & animal rights? An insightful story.

Remember to always practice proper food handling techniques- even with backyard chickens.

A vegan cyclist is stepping up to the Tour de France with impressive standings!

Who knew OJ was really that bad?

How many calories can you buy for a dollar? Explains North America's current health care situation, doesn't it?

How much stuff goes in your trash can? Think you could reduce it this much? I guess that IS why they call it a challenge!

Does your seafood come from a grocery store? How do you think they rank as far as sustainability goes?

These definitely look tasty!

Get to know who hangs out in the produce department a little better.

8 ways to cook like an adventurer- on a budget!

This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in awhile...

I came across this recently. Do you make your own?

Remember those annoying Tim Hortons commercials: "And then I ate the bowl!". Maybe cereal companies should adopt the slogan "And then I ate the box!"


  1. Holy Moly! The cereal article was seriously disturbing. I'm sitting here being thankful that my allergies have prevented me from eating processed cereals for years...

  2. Yes I have eaten an ostrich egg. It was HUGE and the shell so tough they had to use a hammer to break it. It made one honking big omlette, that's for sure. TT