Monday, July 4, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 18

It's just me this week, so I would expect to have less items this week compared to others. I'm finding that I am catching up on lots of to-do's around the house, so I have things like the gardening shear package & the twist ties from the wall hooks on the list. I've been keeping busy, that's for sure!

1. Garbage bag for the weeks trash (not shown)
2. Stickers on fruit
3. Coconut ice cream tub
4. Wrapping from new laptop cord
5. Seal from envelope
6. 3 price tag loops from clothing
7. 2 bandaids & wrappers
8. Bread bag & tag
9. Deli meat bag
10. 10 plastic twist ties from wall hooks
11. 2 zipties & packaging from gardening shears
12. Chip bag
13. Goat cheese container
14. Salad tub & seal (hopefully there wont be many more of these...)

Lots of little lettuce tryin' real hard to grow up big!

There's a movie out right now called "Bag It" that seems pretty powerful & inspiring! Maybe it's showing somewhere near you? Reminds us all to do our best to reduce the amount of plastic going into the garbage on our little blue planet.

Things I've given up in the previous 17 weeks:
-Bagged frozen veggies
-Individually wrapped candy
-Peanut Butter (in plastic jars)
-Cooking spray
-Spices packaged in plastic
-Pre-packaged lunch meat
-Plastic salad dressing bottles
-Instant noodles
-Prepackaged granola bars
-Plastic unrefillable spice grinders
-Coconut milk fudgesicles
-Dairy Queen
-Citrus in bags
-RealLime juice
-Honey Bunny ketchup or their other sauces (unless their packaging changes)
-Bean sprouts (unless sold bagless)
-Starbucks (unless in a travel mug)

I'm pretty excited about the big impact that our little changes bring to both our home & our environment! If you haven't already, try out a week of tallying your plastic- you'll be surprised!

Our (first) teeny zucchini!

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