Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: July 20th, 2011

As it's my only true day off today, I lazily spent an unreasonable amount of time in bed saving recipes, reading articles & blogs and perusing facebook too much for my own good. At 1:00pm I decided for the last time that I would need to get out of bed or risk starvation. For "breakfast" I had yak tacos on corn tortillas with homemade taco seasoning, farmers market salsa, organic sour cream & mesculin from my garden. Not exactly breakfast food, but leftovers from a meal two nights ago. Breakfast rang in around 419 calories including 21g fat, 29g protein & 37g carbohydrates.

My garden even provided a perfectly ripened dessert! 

With a hearty breakfast like that in my belly, I carried on buzzing around the house doing all sorts of things until 5ish when I had a snack & headed out to a hot yoga class. My granola bar netted a higher calorie count than my previous meal coming in at 441 calories with 26g fat, 10g protein & 43g carbohydrates.

Before I left the house, I turned on my rice cooker with a frozen cube of home made turkey stock and some quinoa. I was starving when I got home & dug right in! I threw some blueberries & almond milk into my magic bullet as well for a tasty treat. This brought dinner in at 479 calories, 7g fat, 20g protein & 84g carbs.

Less than an hour later I found myself hungry again (still?) so I snacked on some cold turkey with honey mustard & celery with peanut butter & dried cranberries. "Ants on a Log" was the bedtime snack of choice in our house growing up & I still love it! This extension of dinner rolled through the gates at 536 calories, 23g fat, 31g protein & 49g carbs.

According to I've missed my recommended caloric intake for the day by about 700 calories with protein & carbs not crossing the finish line either. My yoga session burned around that many, which the site automatically tacks onto your goals. A real breakfast would've helped too!

Many thanks to Peas & Crayons for hosting "What I Ate Wednesday" I hope we see much more of each other in the coming weeks!

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