Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: August 24, 2011

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I rarely scope out the cereal aisle these days, but in eager anticipation of GF Rice Krispies I've found myself strolling through it a few times in the past month. On Monday night (next to the regular RK's) I found Honey Nut Chex which I haven't purchased since it's come to Canada (I had some in Maui in May though). The Chex boxes were on sale- 2 for $6! I couldn't resist, so I grabbed a box. I don't normally eat stuff like this (or buy any sort of boxed cereal for that matter) so it's a bit of a treat. I started my day off with a bowl of them topped with Vanilla Almond Breeze.

I used the leftover milk from my cereal (plus a bit more) in the magic bullet with an overripe peach for a bit of a smoothie- tasty!

I snacked on the rest of the fresh blueberries from last week's fruit stand purchase along with a piece of havarti cheese. In amongst my chili making & bread baking I refilled my small kitchen jar of honey from the larger bucket that lives in the pantry. I licked the spoon, so I guess that counts too :)

So, that chili I made? There isn't a "recipe" for my chili per se, but I do have a secret ingredient I'll share with you- it's pumpkin puree or in today's case curried butternut squash soup from eons ago discovered when I cleaned out the freezer awhile back. Either will lend a smooth texture to your chili that I haven't found with anything else. It's delish!

Oh, and that bread? Yep- baked today! Amy's Perfect Bread is my go-to bread recipe. Sooo goood!

After dinner, we headed over to Winners (for the third time...) as we had decided that we were in fact going to purchase a giant mirror for our newly rearranged living room wall. It needed something large, and rather than trying (likely for months) to find something to fit a color scheme (we don't exactly have one) we picked out a neutral framed mirror. After a stressful wrangling in & out of the car (including the most embarrassing drive of my life with the seat moved up ALL the way) we needed a treat. Armed with my travel mug (which apparently now leaks!) I drove over to Starbucks for a little liquid love.

An hour (or so), two trips to Michaels for picture hanging hardware & a bag of Dare Real Fruit Gummies later we finally got the thing on the wall. And it looks great. This evening's activities were certainly more stressful than going to yoga (not sure why we chose the route that we did...) but the living room is much better off for it!

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  1. Ooo--great chili trick! I eat chili pretty much year round and always want to change it up a little, my next batch is definitely getting some extra squash.

    Cereal's a big treat for me too--why is it so expensive for everyday eating? But then it makes the crunchy goodness so much better when you DO get it :)