Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Foodie To-Do List: Follow-up!

Hard to believe, but summer's over. In fact, that was the first weekend of fall- can you believe it? Up here in PG, we're still sitting around waiting for summer to show its face. I'm getting close to giving up. So how did we make out with our summer list?

1. U-pick berries: Due to the (seemingly) neverending rain we endured this summer, the berries took forever to ripen up! It took patience, but August couldn't have come soon enough!

2. Can tomatoes (and maybe more!) I made 4 batches of jam including this one. I did 50lbs of Roma tomatoes in August and have a freezer full of blueberries, saskatoons & raspberries we picked plus some cherries! Preserving for the win!

3. Make homemade ice cream: I'm getting one of these for Christmas from my mama. I'm sure my magic bullet could have saved the day here, but it just didn't happen. I did make this awhile back though.

4. Cook an entire meal over campfire [link to campfire packets- & ) You shoulda' seen the burgers!

5. Go on a picnic: Not really sure why I didn't do this :( Guess I was waiting for a nice day, which clearly didn't happen often these past few months! Umm, winter picnic? If it ever stops raining!

6. Buy groceries at the farmers market as many times as I can  Did you SEE this haul?!? Not that every week was like this, but there was a definite decrease in the amount of cash spent at the grocery store these past few months.

7. Make iced tea: I drank more hot tea than anyone should have this summer... It never got hot!

8. Have 100% home made smores: Sadly the weather was not much nicer in August than it was in June & July so we weren't able to get any more camping trips in (yet). The last weekend the campgrounds were open (after the September long weekend) we went out for one last hurrah. The afternoon before we left, this happened.

Now, I'm not going to tell you whose recipe this is because it belongs to a very prominent individual in the gluten free blog world. Lets just say that if you find a recipe that has a lot of notes indicating that "such & such gluten free mix wont work" or "if you do this it wont work" etc skip it. I followed the recipe to the T :(

I hate camping in the rain.

9. Grow all kinds of fruit & veggies & herbs (not shown: swiss chard, chives, mint, basil, rhubarb...)

This guy didn't get any bigger than this & was the only survivor from the "invasion".

Some slimy bugger ate this entire plant!

We only ended up with two tomatoes on our plant, and they were both harvested green :(

10. Craft a fantastic mojito (with home grown mint of course!): This final list item was totally inspired by this, by the way! So far we have these...

A Champagne Berry Mojito:

Fresh mint leaves
1 oz White rum
3 Lime wedges
Squirt raw agave
Fresh raspberries
Champagne to top

Grapefruit Mojito:

Handful of fresh mint leaves
1oz White rum
1/4 of a fresh grapefruit, peeled & diced, pith removed
3 Lime wedges, squeezed (half a lime)
1/2 fl oz raw blue agave or to taste
Ice to fill remainder of glass
Pink Grapefruit Perrier to top

I say "so far" because it's still not going below freezing overnight, which means my mint plant is still kickin'! I always have big expectations of drinking copious amounts of minty icy drinks on hot nights every summer and never quite achieve it. I'm still holding out for summer to show it's face.

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