Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 24 & Lush Toothy Tabs Review

So I went to Lush this week to (finally!) cash in my 5 empty black pots for a free face mask. Generally this is a store that I walk into, grab what I need & pay promptly, but for some reason Monday's visit was not this way at all. The sales girl was lonely chatty & other customers tied her up once I was ready to pay which led to me inevitably find things I had no idea existed!


Like Toothy Tabs. As the search continues on at My Plastic Free Life for a plastic-less toothpaste, these landed in my lap. Available in 6 flavors and packaged only in cardboard they seem like the perfect toothpaste alternative! However, at $4/40 tabs (3 weeks worth basically) they're not terribly cost effective v.s. toothpaste. The instructions direct to chew the tablet between your front teeth to break it up, then brush. The tab was softer than I had expected, but had a bit of a chalky, funny taste. Not quite as minty as I thought it would be. Baking soda is the second ingredient listed, and you can tell. It doesn't bother me much, but it's certainly there. It foamed up quite a bit (to my surprise) and gave a great clean-teeth-feel. I would say that the major deterrent is the price over anything else. Usage-wise, I could see myself using these!  

I am however, a much larger fan of the solid shampoo bars (far left in pic) than anything. Also featured in the picture (L-R) is the (free!) face mask, deodorant barCoco lotionMoisturizer bar & tin (free when you buy 2 moisturizer bars!)

And now, on to this week's plastic pity list...

1. Bacon packaging
2. Face lotion tube
3. Face cleanser tube
4. Twizzlers package
5. 3 Dead/broken pens
6. Goat cheese package
7. 2 Rings from glass milk jugs
8. Deli meat bag
9. Chip bag
10. Wrapping from set of mixing bowls
11. Restaurant straws & skewer from caesar
12. Leaky Ziploc bag
13. Mixed seafood bag
14. Coocnut ice cream tub
15. Label off of old facewash bottle
16. Battery package
17. Several containers from various screws/nails (cleaned out the toolboxes)
18. Cookie package
19. Lid to container of peanuts
20. Packaging from new timer (old one doesn't ring)
21. Packaging from oven thermometer
22. Pull tab & lid from carton of coconut milk
23. Seal from bottle of local blueberry liqueur
24. Packaging from combination lock (old)
25. Daiya bag
26. 2 Lids from glass bottles of vitamins + seal & silica from new bottle
27. Battery package
28. Seal from glass jar of peanut butter
29. Shaving cream bottle
30. Pizza crust package
31. Honey stinger energy chews
32. Garbage bag (not shown)

It's like the spring cleaning bug has hit again-  I can understand going through the office/school supplies this time of year, but WHO cleans out their toolboxes!??! It's a lot of existing plastic that would just be hangin' around the house anyways if it didn't go in the trash. At least all of our screws & nails are in one place now, so we don't go out & buy more when we already have some of whatever we need in the house. It's a step in the right direction...

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