Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: September 14, 2011

I started this week's What I Ate Wednesday with a smoothie made up of Olympic Organic Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt along with a dozen strawberries out of the freezer. A few hours later, after dropping by our local fruit guy to stock up, I munched on a fresh BC apple in the car.

When I headed home around 2:00 I rooted around in the fridge & managed to find some celery & the last of a jar of Adams peanut butter to hold me off until our next meal. A few craisins may have joined in on that action, oh and a little glass of Avalon chocolate milk too!

I say "meal" because it's a fumbling of shoving food into mouths in the brief window of time between picking Mr.C up at the University for 4:00, driving home and eating before I have to leave the house for work at 4:30. It's not really lunch, but too early for dinner...

We were camping on the weekend and had to go without firewood (and therefore a cooked meal) the first night, so we came home with (extra) a couple of thawed out steaks. The campfire packet we ate, the burgers we ate, but the steak? And so, tonight we had ginger beef!

Sigh, these pictures make me sad that the days of naturally lit photo's are numbered. We have terrible lighting in our house :(


  1. I hate when it gets dark early :( It makes taking pictures much harder! I finally gave in and made a lightbox because it was the only way I could get decent pictures!

  2. I take my pictures by the window in the kitchen which I am convinced is the only place in my house that gets light good enough to do food justice. Hopefully that will change. I need to make a lightbox or something.