Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: Spetember 7th, 2011


I started my day this morning with two pieces of leftover homemade pizza... the epitome of healthy, I know. I couldn't possibly let these leftovers go to waste though!

Strawberries from the garden plus farmers market cherries and a bit of organic probiotic yogurt in the Magic Bullet made for a midmorning smoothie at work. Snap peas held me through the afternoon until I finished work (a mere 4 hours, not a "real" work day). I picked the boy up from his first day of school & we headed to our seafood place to get some salmon for dinner- yum!

And then it happened. We walked in the door and I headed straight for the bathroom (as usual!). At first I didn't flick the light switch on (as usual...) but then I stepped in a puddle (very UNusual). 

Now, before I go any further let me tell you about the last few months in our house. April brought not one, but two burst pipes and a two month long fiasco involving new drywall, laminate flooring & painting. Last month we had the joy of a flooding via plugged toilet involving black water through our bedroom ceiling (fortunately with less damage, but more stink). 

And now this.

So the salmon went into the fridge and we went for dinner. And drinks. And dessert. With more drinks.
The washing machine upstairs leaked through the floor into our bathroom. I sure hope the damage isn't going to be as bad as last time... These things do happen in three's, right?


  1. Leftover homemade pizza for breakfast? Awesome! :)
    Fresh strawberries are delish! :)

  2. The pizza looks yummy! Homegrown strawberries? Way cool! Leaks ... not so much. So sorry. Found out this morning that we got so much rain that water leaked through our chimney into our den last night. Have the dehumidifier running and will do any shop vac'ing, etc. when we get home. Best of luck to you! Hope it's not too bad.


  3. UG! Being a homeowner is such a mixed bag isn't it? I hope it's an easy fix this time.

    p.s. The homemade pizza looks AMAZING! I'd love to know your crust recipe. I can't eat yeast, so I haven't had pizza in many years, and I miss it dearly!

  4. Fortunately we're not the homeowners, just renting half of the house. I'm pretty glad the house insurance deductible isn't coming out of my pocket!

    Shannon: Our strawberry plants only ripen a few berries at a time, but we pulled almost a dozen off the plant this week! Gotta enjoy every last bit of summer that we can!

    Shirley: I hope everything is okay with your water damage! I was lulled to sleep last night by the sound of dehudifier fans... ugh.

    EcoCatLady: that particular pizza crust is out of a box with yeast. I'm in the process of reviewing as many gluten free pizza crusts as I can!