Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bitlets For You This Past Week: Oct 10-16th, 2011

Cue music: it's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Hooray: One up for organic!

Ben & Jerry's newest ice cream flavor since Schweddy Balls. Only that one was legit.

6 Things you didn't think you were eating... Sadly, Tropicana's no longer welcome in my house.

GF Ravioli found at Costco- have you seen it? Tried it?

Check out these humongous kohlrabi we found at the Farmers Market last weekend!

I'm the furthest thing from religious, but I love this!

What's your stance on coconut oil? How educated on the matter do you think you are?

Wonder which is really better; Local or Fair Trade?

How-to prevent the other half of your avocado from turning into a giant brown mess.

Factory farm meat- we're eating more of it. Yuck.

87% of Americans want their GMO's labelled, but how many GMO's are you actually bringing home from the grocery store?

5 places to get your calcium (better than dairy) 

Think twice before you spend a dime on halloween candy this year.

What is "ethnic food" anyways?

A different way of thinking about how we're going to feed our growing billions.

One more reason to avoid BPA like the plague!

More GF treats found at Winners lately!

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