Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: October 24-30, 2011

Celiac disease has a way of seeming like a digestive issue, but think again.

Artificial colors: not vegan! Who knew?

Love is all you need... to run a few highly successful vegetarian restaurants?

Wheat Lobby = Tobacco Industry of the 80's?

1 million baby cows are taken from their mothers (annually) at 5 days old. Then we eat the babies & drink the grieving mothers milk. Something's not right here.

The importance of buying local.

I've been doing this for awhile now instead of buying ingredients (or pre-made). Do you do this too?

What NOT to drink after a workout (oh, and win an ice cream maker too!)

Take some time this weekend to be conscious about your meals :)

The scoop on paleo.

Chinese medicine on the blood type diet.

A good read on raising a healthy child.

Must Read: 1"People have gotten used to eating cheap food and it is killing them."

 This is my FAVORITE! I can't wait!

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