Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taste of The North: A Local Food Gala


This past Sunday night we attended an event that was the first of its kind in Prince George- A Taste of The North: A Feast of Local Flavor. Hosted by & partnered with the College of New Caledonia's Professional Cook Program, Community Futures and Beyond The Market a wonderful feast crafted entirely from local foods!

What a spread!

Spicy Bison Meatballs & Chicken Satay

Braised Rabbit & Sesame Chicken Drumettes

Brewed right here in PG by PW Brewing.

It was dicey on the gluten-free front, but I seem to have made it through unscathed. I inquired about how allergies would be catered to at the event but unfortunately didn't receive much information beforehand. After speaking with a few of the students at the event I wasn't any more ....... It seems as though learning about allergies & gluten isn't something that has been covered in their curriculum thus far. Guys, gluten does not just mean flour.

I should have asked where to find rice paddies in BC...

Wild Mushroom Salad, Smoked Salmon with red onion, dill & capers.

Black Bean Sauced Crab Legs

Sunday night was definitely a "cheat day" from Unprocessed October as we bought tickets a while ago. Worth it though, we're already halfway through the month! On another note, for the techies in the crowd) all of these photo's were taken on my new iphone 4s without ANY editing. Sure, some of the lighting wasn't the best but I did what I could! And that damn chef wouldn't hold still for the life of him...

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