Monday, October 10, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 29

I decided to try out something a little different for washing dishes recently. It didn't appear as though there were any options for dish soap not packaged in some sort of plastic. And then I found this stuff tucked down on the bottom shelf at our health food store alongside similar boxes of borax & washing soda. You don't know how thrilled I was when I discovered that the inside of the box wasn't lined with anything, and there wasn't any tape sealing the box! Who gets this excited about a plain old cardboard box???

The company Eco Pioneer seems to be the total package. Environmentally responsible, biodegradable, vegetable based inks, recycled boxes- the works. They also have an ebooklet full of natural cleaning solutions that include their products in addition to other common cleaning items such as vinegar & essential oils.

As usual, you can also find lots of help making your life a little less plasticky through  

1. Bag within tin of laundry soap
2. Stickers on fruit & veggies
3. Bison package
4. Facewash tube
5. Band-aids & wrappers
6. Perogie bag
7. Prices taped on to antique jars
8. Ring from glass milk jug
9. Wrapping from birthday card
10. 2 Bread bags & tags
11. Shipping bag
12. Bag that items shipped were packaged in
13. Tags off of new items (you don't know how hard it is to find dress pants with a 36" inseam!)
14. Fish package
15. Cookie package
16. Mushroom package
17. Lid & label off of our last (glass) bottle of salad dressing
18. Packaging inside our new bathroom scale
19. Chip bag
20. Wrapping from extra pages for my dayplanner
21. 2 Bacon packages
22. Bag that we can't figure out what it's from
23. NYF cup (not shown)
24. Daiya bag (leftover from last month)

Okay, so we didn't exactly make our goal of under 20 items this week. I could have done without the chips. And the cookie. And I probably didn't need to buy my 2012 pages for my dayplanner in October. This is a work in progress my friends...

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