Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 31

Oh sigh, it's been getting cold around here... I'm definitely craving heartier meals with more mashed potatoes & less salad! The urge to bake has been overwhelming & I've been nearly hoarding food in our cold room; we're settling in for the winter it seems. From the sounds of things it's going to be another snowy year. We picked up snowshoe trail map today at the Healthier You Expo. It's coming... Yes, that. Christmas.

Again this year (weather permitting) we'll be traveling down to Calgary to spend 11 days with our families around the holidays. With a jam packed schedule every year, we need to schedule & plan things in way ahead of time. There's a mere two months to go! I should go take advantage of that baking urge right now!

Here's the scoop this week:

1. Salad tub
2. Wrapping from new iphone & applecare cd
3. 3 Spice jars
4. Bag from 6-pack (of steaks)
5. Stickers from fruit & veggies
6. Ring from glass milk jug
7. Realsalt bag
8. EnjoyLife chocolate chip bag
9. Coconut milk carton lid
10. 2 Lids from glass vitamin bottles
11. Lid from glass bottle of rice vinegar
12. Pepperoni packaging
13. Fresh herb container
14. Restaurant straw
15. Seal from jar of almond butter
16. Ziploc with a hole
17. Mailer envelope
18. Contact solution bottle
19. Parmesan cheese container
20. 2 Pasta bags
21. Bronzer compact windows

This week parmesan cheese is kickin' the bucket. Mr.C can't have it & I've finally polished off the last of what we had (took me 10 months!). You wont be finding it in our house from now on. Unless I can get a chunk of it from the deli that is... But no more plastic buckets of the stuff!

Go on now, show the world what kind of plastic you're hiding! I'll bet you'll be surprised at what you're throwing in your trash can... 

The product that comes in this hunk of plastic isn't very good for you either!

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