Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yoga: My Other Love...

Something I don't really talk about and yet is a very important part of my life is yoga. I began practicing yoga about a year & a half ago at Moksha Yoga Edmonton. That's right... my very first yoga class was a hot yoga class. Since then I have amassed a ton of Lululemon items (borderline obesssion), an appreciation for a good grippy towel & a tolerance for tap water (refilled out of any sort of tap) into a bottle that probably hasn't been washed in awhile. You could say that "I've come a long way" but in reality, the last 18 months have included a lot of ups & downward dogs.

Before we moved to B.C., I went quite frequently to classes at the aforementioned studio. In preparation for the big move I did as much research as I could to source out a new studio, but things were looking grim. In nearly the first year we lived here I went to one class. I was so disappointed with the one studio's "excuse" for hot yoga that I gave up. And then a few months ago, Chinook Yoga relocated their studio to a new spot, so I checked it out! And wouldn't ya know... they even have the city's only practicing Moksha teacher.

Tree pose on the shores of Maui in April 2011

At the beginning of September, I began a personal month long yoga-every-day challenge. It was certainly more of a challenge than I think I was expecting. Some days it was just meditation, some days it was a full-on hot class and some days it was a youtube video in the living room. Prince George is a small city not offering a ton of yoga options it seems. My work schedule is all over the map on any given day & I can't always fit a sweat session in between nutrition clients or serving shifts. I did my best to make it work, but it didn't quite. I certainly did miss a few days, but what is failure but an opportunity to pick yourself up from a new low and reach back up?

The month of November will be another attempt at achieving 30 consecutive days of yoga: I invite you to join me! Share your motivation, your experiences & share your sore muscles with me. The final day of November is my 26th birthday & I plan to go out with a bang!


  1. I am totally with you for the 30 day yoga challenge. I was cruisin' right along for a while doing my 30 minutes of yoga every morning... but I fear I fell of the go-to-bed-at-a-reasonable-hour bandwagon, and thus have also slipped off of the get-out-of-bed-at-a-reasonable-hour bandwagon... which leaves me with no time to do my morning yoga!

    But I'm re-committing... If you knew me personally you'd be laughing your a** off right now because I say this just about every few weeks and then I do it again... but this time for sure! No seriously, maybe having someone to keep me honest will help?

  2. Fantastic! I have a really erratic schedule which makes it difficult for me to fit yoga in at the same time every day. Sometimes I work past midnight & have to be back at 8:30 the next morning (and looking presentable to boot!) but then sometimes I have three days off during the middle of the week... I fully and completely lack structure in my day-to-day, but WE can do this!

  3. Ha! I too lack structure, but I fear I can't blame it on anything or anyone but myself! But I'm gonna do this! And this time... even if I totally blow it on the sleep front I'm not gonna use that as an excuse to skip yoga. I'll just do it at a different time of day if I need to. I always feel SOOOO much better when I do it, this really SHOULD be a no brainer.