Monday, November 7, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 33

We hit 20 items on our list on Tuesday this week. Can you tell we just finished the October Unprocessed challenge & binged this week? Not that it's all "binge food"... I spent some time this week going through our "bulk" pantry stuff & pouring the last of various bags of stuff into their proper containers. Damn you Costco for selling packaged quinoa for half the price than I can get it in the bulk bins for...

1. Salad tub
2. 2 Chip bags
3. Digestive enzyme bottle
4. Tortellini container
5. Olive oil carton pull tab
6. Soy sauce label & lid (jar is glass)
7. Seal from bottle of peppercorns
8. Packages from jack-o-lantern carving kit
9. 2 Cheese wrappers
10. Bandaids & wrappers
11. Chicken package
12. Pancake mix bag
13. 2 Yogurt containers
14. 2 Pasta bags
15. Pull tab from carton of chocolate almond milk
16. Fruitcake wrapper (from last year!)
17. Sushi to-go container
18. Package from stypic pencil (for shaving)
19. Stickers from fruit & veggies
20. Truwhip container seal
21. Protein powder container
22. Quinoa bag
23. Deli meat bag
24. Lid to giant container of nuts
25. Cane sugar bag
26. Printer ink cartridge package
27. 2 rechargable battery packages
28. Tag from pineapple
29. Mushroom container
30. Empty pen
31. 3 Restaurant straws (not shown)

On a related note we're on our last garbage bag (from an old stash) and have no back up plan whatsoever. I'm not terribly thrilled at the idea of having to buy plastic bags for the purpose of throwing them in the garbage, but we're getting mighty close to not having a choice. I've bought the biodegradable ones before, but have since learned that they don't break down anyways. Not in landfill conditions at least. We're not yet at a point where we can do without, although we often use things like chip bags from our weekly plastic stash as garbage bags.

All that stuff compacted into this!

I keep all of my vegetable scraps for making stock and compost the rest, but compost season is coming to a close for us. What you can't see in this weeks picture is that the backyard beyond the blinds is covered in our first snow of the year. That means the ground is almost too frozen to be able to bury our compost. We'll use up as much of the warmer space in the greenhouse as we can before winter really sets in, but in no time all of our compostables will be going into the big black bin on the curb.

I'll be honest, it's mostly bunny poop.

It's great fertilizer, and in general she's a very low (environmental) impact pet. But much like an infant, all she does is eat, sleep and poop. A lot. Even if we weren't generating as much garbage as we are, once it gets to the point of keeping her litter in the garbage can we have to "take the trash out" more often. It doesn't "keep" very long & I'm not particularly fond of my house smelling like a barn thankyouverymuch. Last years bear "situation" in our backyard doesn't exactly have me being a fan of keeping a bucket 'o' poo outside either.

Sigh, remind me to put garbage bags on the grocery list.

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