Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 34

I sort of feel like I'm banging my head against the wall these past few months because my plastic list still looks like this.

On the upside, I noticed this weekend that there is someone who returns the rings around the glass milk jugs along with the lids. I will join that someone. Also, I've decided that yogurt isn't going to continue to be a regular purchase around here (which it has become lately). And at this point I feel like I have cleaned out just about every nook & cranny of the house of old plastic that we no longer have a use for. Except Mr.C's office. And the Christmas stuff... coming soon.

1. Fruit gummies bag (from camping)
2. Lid to (glass) hot sauce bottle
3. Furnace filter bag
4. Stickers on fruit & veggies
5. Seal from glass jug of goat's milk
6. Bandaids & wrappers
7. Dish sponge past its prime
8. Stew bison meat package
9. Old shampoo bottle (intended to be reused as part of a bunny halloween costume)
10. Old food container & 2 lids no longer with a mate
11. 3 Yogurt containers
12. Udi's bread bag
13. 2 fresh herb packages
14. Seal around new container of protein powder
15. 1 vitamin bottle & 3 lids
16. Seal around glass jar of peanut butter
17. Homemade tamales package
18. Salad tub
19. Green bean bag
20. Fedex bag
21. Plastic bag containing items in the Fedex bag
22. Card envelope
23. Straightening iron package (free w.hairdryer)
24. New hairdryer packaging
25. Dead hairdryer (what do I do with this?!?)
26. Smoked salmon package
27. Sticker backing for freezer labels
28. Tortellini package
29. Plastic packaging from fruitcake
30. Olive oil pull tab

A refresher however on what we have omitted from our lives since February:
Packaged Mushrooms, Plastic Toothbrushes, Coconut Milk (packaged in plastic), Processed/Prepared Foodstuffs (ie dumpkings, perogies, spring rolls, tortellini etc.), Packaged Fish, Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks, Tubed Polenta, Jell-o Cups, Avocado oil (in plastic), Ziploc bags (new), Plastic coated picture hanging wire, Alfalfa sprouts, Packaged fudge, Gnocchi, Baking powder, Replacement laptop cord (hopefully!), Bagged frozen veggies, Individually wrapped candy, Peanut Butter (in plastic jars), Cooking spray, Spices packaged in plastic, Pre-packaged lunch meat, Plastic salad dressing bottles, Instant noodles, Prepackaged granola bars, Plastic unrefillable spice grinders, Coconut milk fudgesicles, Dairy Queen, Citrus in bags, RealLime & RealLemon juice, Honey Bunny ketchup or their other sauces (unless their packaging changes), Bean sprouts (unless sold bulk), Starbucks (unless in a travel mug)

Turns out we bought packaged fish without even realizing that we gave it up last month. Whoops. I think this means that I need to keep a copy of this list on my iphone for grocery shopping reference. I didn't even think of smoked salmon when we gave up packaged fish actually...

But hey, I'm being honest, because I'm only letting myself down here. And I know- I'm not perfect. I know that we have some "individually wrapped candy" in the house from who knows how long ago (and a stash of emergency oh henry's in the car from last Halloween) and really, I didn't need to take the free straight iron that came with my new hairdryer that I bought this week. But in real life I did. I don't always take the freebee, but sometimes I do. That cliche saying about things in moderation.... yeah, that.

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