Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 37

Oh boy, we're way over our weekly goal of 20 plastic disposed items this week! Some of the items below were the results of birthday gifts, which couldn't be avoided, some of them (like mascara) only go on this list once or twice a year, and some of them (seal from glass omega 3 bottle or peanut butter jar) are an improvement on the status quo. Nonetheless, I still am way over my goal.

1. Omega 3 bottle
2. Mascara tube & wrapper from new one
3. Hair conditioner tube
4. Hair product bottle
5. 2 Baking mix bags
6. 2 Salad tubs
7. Stickers from fruit & veggies
8. Green bean bag
9. Carrot bag
10. 3 Chip bags
11. 2 Pasta bags
12. 4 Restaurant straws
13. Label & seal to soy sauce bottle
14. Emergen-C packets
15. Seal around jar of greens+
16. Plug from wheel off of bed frame
17. Pull tab from bottle of sesame oil
18. Lululemon package & tag
19. 2 Tetley canister lids
20. Styrofoam to-go container
21. Seal around package of containers for Christmas baking
22. Seal around glass bottle of fish oil
23. Coconut yogurt container
24. Bread bag & tag
25. Seal from jar of peanut butter
26. Bent bed frame wheel
27. Plastic bag from bouquet of flowers
28. 4 small candy wrappers
29. Pull tab from carton of almond milk

We have an embarassing amount of tea stocked in our kitchen and are working diligently to go through it before buying any more (let me go put the kettle on!). We managed to empty out two containers of it this week! Once we get down to a managable amount, we'll be buying without so much plastic (sorry Tetley).

This week is supposed to be looking more like a health kick kind of week than a 3 chip bags kinda week, as we break into the last two weeks before we head home for Christmas. What can we do differently next week?

-The candy wrappers are from the advent calendar we have going. The candies are old and need to be used up anyways. Some of them are restaurant mints!
-We'll be baking bread this week rather than buying (but we do have a loaf on the go right now) along with lots of other treats coming out of the oven!
-The emergen-c packets will likely make another appearance since we're trying to ramp up our immune systems before the big stress-fest (but what you didn't see was the box of organic mandarins we went through!)
-I'll be popping in to Lush this week to pick up another pot of conditioner for my hair. When you return 5 of their black pots, you get a fresh face mask! Plus, they reuse the pots, so no plastic goes in the garbage!
-We have a bag of tortilla chips were trying to use up before we leave, but that should be the last bag of chips until the big departure day!
-We bought a big jug (plastic, yes) of gluten free tamari rather than buying a small bottle every month or so. Maybe once we go through it (it wont be for awhile!) we can reuse the jug for something!

Speaking of reusing plastic bottles... Here is the bag of empties were taking with us on our visit to The Earth's General Store in Edmonton. We'll stock up on concentrated vinegar (for laundry) and anything else that catches our eye. They always take extra bottles for people who forget theirs, or it's their first time at the store. I didn't bring a bottle the first time I visited & I still have the 'donated' bottle half full of toilet bowl cleaner in the bathroom! Cleaning supplies in bulk- I don't know why this hasn't caught on elsewhere. Or maybe it has, but just not here? They also offer hair care & other personal care products, dishwashing & laundry soaps and lots of other cleaning products (such as the aforementioned concentrated vinegar & toilet bowl cleaner) including baking soda & borax.

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