Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yoga November: Part 2

Sadly the second half of my month looks worse than the first half did... Note to self: don't try to do a daily challenge anywhere near Christmas in future. While there are lots of people just jumping into Christmas now that it's officially December, we were definitely one of the ones with the tree up three weeks ago. Yes, three weeks ago. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

16. 10 minute yoga for abs video
17. 60 minute hatha class
18. fail
19. fail
20. 60 minute moksha class
21. 60 minute core class
22. 90 minute hot class
23. 10 minute abs video
24. 60 minute hatha class
25. fail
26. 75 minute yin class
27. fail
28. fail
29. fail
30. 60 minute yogaworks class

It seems that I always fall off the bandwagon close to the end of any sort of challenge that I do...

I guess I can chalk this up to a learning experience if nothing else. Mr.C has taken notice that I am a considerable calmer person when I am practicing regularly, and I can't help but agree. My work schedule doesn't have any sort of routine to it, so it is difficult for me to always work some "me time" into my days (but I certainly try!). I'll be spending the next 18 days (until we leave on our 12 days of Christmas journey) gearing up for (and calming down for) a few thousand kilometers on my car paired with lots of eating, drinking & being merry.

Between the 1st & 17th of December my goals are to:
-eat salad every day
-practice yoga as much as my schedule allows
-consume no alcohol
-take my vitamins every day

This is in addition to the gigantic list of Christmas "to-do's" already in existance including baking & shopping among others. I am confident that I will be as prepared physically and emotionally/mentally for this hectic Christmas by the time we walk out the door on the morning of the 18th.

What kind of stresses do you face over the holidays and how do you deal with them?


  1. Well, I managed not to miss any days - or I guess I should say nights, since I decided to do my yoga every night before bed. I was really tempted to skip once or twice, but I still managed a 20 minute relaxation video at 3:30am. But I think that if you add up the total time spent, you've got me beat hands down.

    I'm not a big fan of Christmas... it seems to be the time of year when all of the crazy family dysfunction boils to the surface. My strategy is generally to lay low and pretend I'm out of town! I'm glad you're enjoying the season though!

  2. It seems as though the crazy family dysfunction has already kicked into high gear... Sadly the truth is that I AM out of town... The amount of traveling we do this time of year to go see all of the said crazy family members is obscene!

    I can't help but listen to the same Christmas songs, and plug in the lights on the tree more often than a normal person though. I'm on my second carton of nog already. I despise the consumerism of it all, but can't help but love the feeling in the air.