Monday, December 5, 2011

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 38

Whew it's been a busy week! Pair using up the last of stuff in anticipation for our "12 Days of Christmas" adventure with baking my little heart out & that results in the following:

1. Daiya mozza bag
2. itunes giftcard
3. 2 placards from cream cheese packages
4. Baking mix bag (incl. yeast packet)
5. Toothpaste tube
6. Bacon package
7. Beads from earrings modified instead of tossed
8. Garbage bag for the week
9. Duck fat container
10. Small candy wrappers
11. Bread bag
12. Pasta bag
13. Cheese wrapper
14. Spice bottle
15. Protein powder tub
16. Stickers on fruit
17. Lid & seal from (glass) bottle of liquid calcium
18. Emergen-C packets
19. Price tag loop from new (non-plastic) laundry hamper
20. Wrapping from card envelopes
21. Wrapping from rubber stamps & ink pads
22. Marshmallow bag
23. Support tube from daisy in bouquet of flowers
24. Cream cheese container from ages ago

Here's our (Kicked The) Bucket List:
Hair Conditioner, Sour Cream, Beverage Containers, Olive Oil, Shampoo, Packaged Mushrooms, Plastic Toothbrushes, Coconut Milk (packaged in plastic), Processed/Prepared Foodstuffs (ie dumpkings, perogies, spring rolls, tortellini etc.), Packaged Fish, Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks, Tubed Polenta, Jell-o Cups, Avocado oil (in plastic), Ziploc bags (new), Plastic coated picture hanging wire, Alfalfa sprouts, Packaged fudge, Gnocchi, Baking powder, Replacement laptop cord (hopefully!), Bagged frozen veggies, Individually wrapped candy, Peanut Butter (in plastic jars), Cooking spray, Spices packaged in plastic, Pre-packaged lunch meat, Plastic salad dressing bottles, Instant noodles, Prepackaged granola bars, Plastic unrefillable spice grinders, Coconut milk fudgesicles, Dairy Queen, Citrus in bags, RealLime & RealLemon juice, Honey Bunny ketchup or their other sauces (unless their packaging changes), Bean sprouts (unless sold bulk), Starbucks (unless in a travel mug)


This week we're kicking cream cheese out of our house. Mr.C can't tolerate cow's dairy (I would love to see more goats dairy products!) and I don't do particularly well on it either, so this is really a no-brainer. Soy's not welcome around here either (sorry tofutti). Mysteriously this week we had 2 entries on the list that were cream cheese! One was from some Christmas baking I did, and the other has been in the fridge for probably a few months. I didn't look inside.

In other news, we've officially kicked off the "One-Week-Til'-We-Leave-Better-Eat-Everything-In-The-House-Extravaganza". The fridge is pretty bare already... We nearly had "taco's" for dinner last night that would have consisted only of:

corn tortillas
canned refried beans
sliced black olives

Fortunately for everyone involved we did a grocery store trip first. And yes, they were quite good thankyouverymuch! Just you wait til' What I Ate Wednesday... it's sure to be interesting!

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