Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calgary: Gluten Free Pasta at Chianti's!

We've been to Chianti's many times for the gluten free pasta (their fresh wheat based pasta is also amazing I'm told!) With 3 locations in Calgary and 2 in Edmonton (verify)... My favorite dish (Fulminante) isn't on the menu at some of the locations, but they can still make it for me! A creamy curry sauce with smoked salmon, black olives, onions & baby shrimp- so tasty!

On our "Christmas Adventure" this year, we visited the Chianti's location on Whyte Ave in Edmonton as well as in Crowfoot Crossing in Calgary. I ordered my usual on both occasions. Historically the Whyte Ave location has served a gluten free penne pasta, however it seems that they have changed to a rotini. Sadly the pasta was quite overcooked this time, and (as gluten free pasta does) disintegrated into small bits. 

The Crowfoot Crossing location (has for at least the last 5 years) served their gluten free guests a white rice vermicelli similar (if not the same) to what you would expect at a Vietnamese restaurant. After my first visit to their location years ago, I sent an email suggesting better pasta choices but did not receive a response.

I will continue to frequent Chianti's whenever I am in town, as there are not very many places (especially at home in Prince George) where gluten free pasta is available to me. Mr.C doesn't mind the fresh fettucini either!

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