Friday, January 6, 2012

Super-C Smoothie

I don't know about you, but in our house everyone seems to get sick sometime after the holidays. A pre-emptive strike against almost certain illness is a mass consumption of emergen-C packets and probiotics out the ying-yang if ya know what I mean. One can only drink the little fizzy packages so many times before becoming bored of "drinking the kool-aid". Enter the smoothie. Disclaimer: idea totally yanked from here!

If at almost no other time of year, the months leading up to and following Christmas are crazy, hectic & stressful. Even if you're not going out of your way to boost your immune system way up, it's often difficult to ensure you're eating properly. Lets face it, sometimes you're not. Breakfast seems to be the first one to go when you're running low on time, despite the very true cliche that it's the most important meal of the day. Smoothies are a lifesaver when you're crunched for time in the mornings, and I turn to a liquified breakfast often. It only takes a few minutes, it's portable and therefore consumable on your commute, plus all the chewing is taken out of the equation, so digestion is a breeze.

Our magic bullet is likely the most popular appliance in our kitchen. Possibly even more popular than my new KitchenAid ice cream maker (thanks mom!). We use it every single day & would have been worth every penny had we been the ones to buy it (Shout out to the MIL- gotta love housewarming gifts!).

1 packet raspberry (or other flavor) emergen-c
4 oz water
1 heaping cup strawberries (or other fruit)
1/2 cup organic, probiotic yogurt (I like this one)

Completely dissolve emergen-c packet in water
at the bottom of your blender or magic bullet cup.
Add berries & yogurt.
Blend until smooth

Enjoy your immune boosting breakfast! It's definitely better than any boxed cereal out there, or even no breakfast at all!

Here's one of my other morning faves, the berry banana chocolate protein smoothie.

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