Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 40

Our first week back from holidays yielded the biggest list we've had in a WHILE. We counted a mere nine things on this weeks list that are items we regularly consume. Things like salad, pasta & toothpaste. It's not every day you buy a car charger for your phone, or ten different kinds of cookies, chocolates & candies in one week. Not in this house anyways. I feel like (if nothing else) this is a good starting point for a new year. I vow to not let our plastic "situation" get worse than this for the rest of 2012. Period.


1. Real Fruit Gummies bag
2. Chocolate covered cherries tray & wrapping
3. Chocolate Hedgehog trays
4. 3 Caramilk singles wrappers
5. 3 Reeses singles wrappers
6. Bread bag & tag
7. Stickers on fruit
8. Packaging from pair of nylons
9. Salad tub
10. Toothpaste tube
11. Udi's cookies container
12. 3 Bandaids & wrappers
13. 2 Emergen-C packages
14. Seal from bottle of hair product
15. Lid to metal tube of homeopathic creme
16. Seal from carton of almond milk
17. Styrofoam packaging & plastic bag from pizza stone (Christmas gift)
18. 4 Packages from cables required for "new" T.V.
19. Seal from glass jar of peanut butter
20. Seal from glass jar of vanilla sugar
21. Cepacol throat lozenge blister package
22. Tape holding paper label to stainless steel cookie sheet
23. Tag from silicone slotted turner
24. Package of shower suction cup hooks
25. iphone car charger package
26. Pasta bag
27. Kelp noodle bag
28. Windshield washer fluid container
29. Cheese sauce packet
30. Tray from box of chocolates
31. Swedish berries bag
32. Yogurt container
33. Biscotti bag
34. Saran wrap from gifted Christmas baking
35. Licorice bag
36. 3 bags of chocolates from Christmas
37. Expired eye drops

This week we're giving up packaged cookies. They're not an item that makes its way into our house often, and they're an easy item to make from scratch. In fact, I'd much rather have homemade than store bought most often.

Next Christmas we're staying home, so one could assume we wont be dealing with anywhere near this much stuff. And trust me, there was much more stuff that we got out of the house before this week's tally started. It's a new year, friends... Why don't you hop on over to My Plastic Free Life & make some changes around your house too!

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