Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 41

Maybe some of you have made an environmental effort part of your New Years resolution this year? Maybe you've committed to reducing the amount of plastic you are "throwing" back at mother nature this year... Maybe I can help?

While plastic consumption is different in everyone's house, some things I think would have the biggest impact for most would be:

-Milk/Juice/Beverage Containers: We buy goat milk in returnable glass bottles, and don't buy other plastic containers. Juice isn't generally consumed in our home (nor does it really need to be for that matter)
-Produce: Does that head of lettuce really need to go in a bag? I don't use the thin plastic produce bags at the grocery store. If I'm buying something like Brussels sprouts I'll maybe put them in a cloth bag that I've brought along, or a paper mushroom bag if I haven't. Otherwise, most things really don't require a bag.
-Meat: We bring our own containers to RogersAnchors on the weekends, but we don't eat very much of it anyways. October Farms sells their ground bison at the Farmers Market, wrapped in butchers paper as well.
-Bulk Bins: Invest in some cloth bags & take advantage of the variety of items available without packaging, often at discounted prices.
-Prepared Foods: Just don't. For the sake of your health, gravitate towards a whole foods diet.

Here's what ended up in our plastic pile this week:

1. Protein container
2. Stickers on fruit
3. 2 Mysterious unknown bags
4. Green bean bag
5. Pump bottle of bunny water additive
6. Chocolate wrappers
7. Salt shaker
8. Styrofoam from ice cream maker (Christmas gift)
9. Bison stew meat package
10. Kale chip bag
11. 2 Daiya bags
12. Bread bag
13. Tea canister lid
14. Bandaids & wrappers
15. Fedex bag
16. 2 Lululemon garment bags
17. Chopstick wrapper (is this really necessary?!?)
18. Goat yogurt container
19. Emergen-C packet
20. 2 Clothing tags

Were aiming to keep our weekly tally under 20 items, and it looks like we cut it just close enough this week! Constant small changes add up & make a difference!


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    1. Fantastic Christopher: Everyone can make small cumulative changes & it adds up!