Monday, January 30, 2012

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 43

A few months ago during week 32 of our plastic tally, plastic toothbrushes were the item du jour that we gave up. I was convinced that if this family could do it, we could too. I looked into all kinds of options from tooth powders to chew sticks, but none of the suggested plastic free options seemed do-able for us. I have sensitive teeth, so anything terribly abrasive is generally out and we don't have a whole lot of options here in PG as far as shopping goes. After giving up the item, then realizing that I couldn't find an alternative I kind of got scared.

Then I found The Green Sheep.

This online store carries The Environmental Toothbrush, as used by Bea and her family. And it's home based out of PG- Score! I stopped by her house to pick up my order this week

1. Packaging from a bottle of scotch
2. Lululemon Fedex bag
3. Lululemon product bag
4. Tag from new Lululemon item
5. Chocolate wrapper
6. Seal to bottle of vitamins
7. Bandaid wrappers
8. Mayo jar lid
9. 2 Booze (glass) bottle lids
10. Salad tub
11. Wrapping around 4 pack of pasta sauce
12. 2 Toothbrushes
13. Protein powder jug

Yep, that's right... I forgot to take a picture before I tossed these items (and probably others, unaccounted for). I know it wasn't a "heavy" week this week, but there's definitely things missing from this list. Sorry. 

In other news, whatever happened to mayo jars a)being glass, and b)having a metal lid? I seem to recall a distinct sound from the Miracle Whip jar when I opened it as a child!

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