Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Gluten Free in Calgary & Edmonton

Hello & welcome to a very special Christmas roadtrip edition of WIAW! There's lots to see, so lets get started!

As you may already know, Mr.C & I spent nearly two weeks traveling back to Alberta to visit with friends & family over Christmas. While we made an effort to eat at "home" (wherever that might have been that particular day), we certainly did on a few occasions eat out. Okay, okay a lot.

After our first 8 hour driving day on highways that were not recommended for travel outside of emergencies, we popped into Diner Delux in West Edmonton Mall. We had been to another location of this Edmonton chain before and knew that they had gluten free choices available. I had a burger on my last visit & wasn't too impressed with the bun as it completely disintegrated. Sadly, they're still using the same buns.

Grilled cheese & tomato sandwich.

The next day, we had lunch at Chianti's which I reviewed here.


Before leaving for Calgary the next morning, we stopped in at Kinnikinnick to stock up on a few "supplies" including these (far right) gluten free, dairy free mint nanaimo bars. It's not often that either Mr.C or I can have nanaimo bars, let alone both of us!

That night, we had tickets to a hockey game & visited Milk Tiger, a lounge within walking distance from the arena with a completely gluten free menu. 

We started with their tacos, which came with a choice of protein, fresh salsa, cheddar & creme fraiche. Standard gluten free with an upscale kick.

 Mr.C had a meatball sandwich that while messy, was delicious.

 I opted for the smoked salmon nachos with creme fraiche, fresh salsa & fried capers. You would think I would have chosen something not-so-typical when given a whole gluten-free menu!

Look for fried capers coming to a recipe near you soon!

I had a gluten free mac & cheese from Craft Beer Market on Thursday night. 
They offer an amazing number of gluten free options, and the email response I got from Chef Paul McGreevy was phenomenal; addressing every concern I had about being able to eat something there.

A newly diagnosed celiac within our group ordered a burger on a gluten free
bun which they reported (and it looked it) to be very good and didn't fall apart at all. I would go back here in a heart beat! They also had five gluten free beers available. I didn't even know there were that many on the market in Canada!

I had the gluten free prosciutto pizza at Una Pizzeria on 17th Ave...
Who would have thought to put arugula on a pizza? 
Much to my surprise, I ate the whole thing. Don't tell anybody.

 I was so impressed (spotted while waiting for the washroom) 
with their recycling!

 I had gluten free pizza at Double Zero Pizza as well. 
This time I opted for Salami with Goat Cheese & Olives.
It seems that I also opted to only take a photo of the menu.

On boxing day, we drove out of town to visit my dad & grandparents. After a feast at dad's place, we headed over to Grannie & Pa's for dessert. Using this recipe & MimicCreme we recreated a Norwegian dessert called Krumkake.

No, I'm not Norwegian. The iron came to be in Grannie's possession years ago after a neighbour (presumably Norwegian) died. I have fond memories of these being served at Christmastime at their house as a child

The batter is very thin, and spooned onto the cast iron surface only a little at a time. It is cooked for a minute perhaps, until golden in color, then is wrapped around a wooden cone to harden. The "waffle cone" hardens long before the next one is done.

The cone is then filled with (frozen & thawed) strawberries mixed with whipped cream. At least that's how we always had them... 
Comfort food for sure!

Two days later we met up with friends at a downtown spot called Boxwood.  
I reviewed them this summer after my first visit & was compelled to go back!
Similar to my last visit, I had their quinoa salad (which had changed from the summer) and a white bean stew. Both of which were very good!

After driving back up to Edmonton that afternoon, we were hungry! 
I read about Brit's earlier in the month on Gluten Free Edmonton & was excited about the very idea of having fish & chips that didn't come out of my own kitchen!

We visited the south location as was suggested in the reviews we had read and ordered a 3 piece halibut meal to share. I don't think I would have been able to eat two pieces to myself. A half portion of fries and a piece & a half of fish were more than enough for both Mr.C and I.

Regrettably I don't think we'd go back here. I likened the experience to having gluten free pizza at Boston Pizza. It's not great, but sometimes it's nice to be able to get "normal" gluten free food like this without having to make it yourself. I think I like "my" fish & chips better (which is actually this recipe).


  1. Yum, the sandwich sounds like a tasty combo!

    1. It was a tasty combo Jessica, but the bun was sadly disappointing :(

  2. Maybe the best GF Alberta round up in one single read.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh it was Shannon- I can't wait to go back to Una!

  4. I love the name Milk Tiger! And, dear Lawd those GF cones look delish.

    1. Quite delish Kiah! In fact I still have some hanging out on top of my fridge...

  5. Two things that struck me: Homemade ice cream cones... and that delicious looking pizza!

    1. Thanks Peanutbutterlover (I love peanut butter too!) It was all so good!