Friday, February 24, 2012

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy also known as Colonics is a part of the alternative health "scene", providing an alternative to traditional colonoscopy prep, a definite cleaning out of the large intestine and oftentimes a bit of weight loss. With a few exceptions (pregnant women & those suffering from congestive heart failure or rectal, colon or GI tract cancers) colon hydrotherapy can be beneficial to just about anyone.

I recently went for my first colon hydrotherapy appointment. All of the information I could find online simply told me that it wasn't going to hurt, and not to drink too much fluid beforehand, as going to the bathroom (to urinate) during the procedure wasn't an option. Both of which are true.

This painless procedure is performed in a small room with a colon hydrotherapist and yourself. Lying on a "bed" akin to a traditional MD's exam table, a speculum is gently inserted. Beginning slowly and gently, the colon hydrotherapist will guide you through a series of small "fills" of warm water until you get a feel for it and increasing from there. Sometimes a colon hydrotherapist may add specific herbs, chlorophyll, ozone or laxatives to the water. A massage to promote peristalsis can also be performed during the procedure. As I mentioned, this is completely painless- I would describe it more along a scale of discomfort. Sort of like really having to go to the bathroom but not so bad that it hurts, and without much control other than by using your voice rather than contracting muscles.

It seems that during my session I was lying down too much (not sitting up enough), so not all of the fluids were draining in between fills. Gravity for the win lose! Unfortunately this made for quite a bit of fluid remaining in my intestine when we were finished. It took a few minutes to evacuate the remainder and (as some others report) I had a bit of a spring in my step for the rest of the day!

Since a colon hydrotherapy session basically cleans out the impacted waste lining the inside of your large intestine, you can certainly weigh in at a few pounds lighter than when you began. A treatment like this can be used to help with digestive troubles & constipation, toxicity issues, parasites, skin conditions and provides an environment for healthy bacteria to flourish. It is well known that probiotics can be found in foods like yogurt and sauerkraut or taken in capsules, but the large intestine is where they live. Proper gut flora can be considered to be one of the most important components of ones immune system and therefore overall health.

Everyone's body is different and will react to treatments in their own way. Please consult your ND before scheduling your appointment.

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