Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Week's Worth of Plastic: Week 46

Last week I told you about how we use a white board so that we know what's in the depths of our deep freeze, and have open shelving in the kitchen so that we can see what we have on hand. This reduces the number of times we buy groceries unnecessarily since we can see exactly what we have in the house. In general, this reduces that amount of stuff that goes to waste (plastic and otherwise) from our kitchen.

We also create a meal plan every Friday for the following week. Usually Saturday morning is our grocery shopping time, visiting anywhere we need to get things for our meals for the week. This way we have everything in the house that we need which not only saves us time (not making extra trips throughout the week) but also money (3 trips to the store uses 3 times more gas!).

Despite all of our efforts, here's what hit the trash can this week:

1. Melted food storage container lid
2. Lid to canister of hot chocolate
3. 2 Pasta bags
4. Garbage bag (not shown)
5. Stickers on fruit & veg
6. 3 Chopstick wrappers (not shown)
7. Salad dressing container
8. A few restaurant straws (not shown)
9. Hummus container
10. Yogurt container
11. Cheese wrapper
12. Contact solution bottle
13. Candy stick wrapper
14. Spray bottle nozzle
15. White board spray bottle
16. Shipping bag from etsy (more bulk bags- yay!)
17. 2 Bread bags
18. Emergen-C packet
19. Seal to bottle of contact solution
20. Package of "cheese powder"

On Tuesday our old refrigerator was scheduled to be taken away and replaced with a new one (yay!) While this was certainly something to be excited about, we soon discovered that the door on the new one was crooked. The next morning the company sent someone out to see if it was fixable, but unfortunately it was not and would have to go back. Thankfully I was able to get off work in time to choose a new fridge for delivery the following day ("Their delivery on Tuesdays & Thursdays only" policy would have left us fridgeless for a week otherwise!) Bright & early on Thursday our new fridge arrived! But then you have to let it sit for several hours before plugging it in... As we had taken all of our perishables out of the fridge on Monday night, they had now been (in coolers in our cold room) "unrefrigerated" for... well, several days. Friday morning I did some much needed grocery shopping (what did we eat during the week!?!) to restock our supplies. Despite this challenge (or maybe because of it), we managed to squeak by our weekly goal of 20 plastic items (hooray!).


  1. You guys are amazing to me--bravo! Congrats on the new fridge! :-)


    1. Thanks Shirley, it all starts with the small things <3